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Which planet would float in a bathtub??
a) None of the planets would.
b) Saturn
c) Murcury
d) Earth

What mineral has cleavage, a hardness of 2, and is used for a plater of drywall?
a) Gypsum
b) Graphite
c) Olivine
d) Talc

How many seismic stations do you need to locate the epicenter of an eathquake?
a) Sixteen, anyless would be a few centimeters off.
b) Only 3, more than that isn't necessary.
c) 4, to get the exact location.
d) 2 - because they give an an exact location.

What star is hottor than Barnard's Star, and yet colder than our sun?
a) Betelgeuse
b) Procyan B
c) Siruis
d) Alpha Centauri

Which wavelength is 1 X10 ^ -5??
a) Ultraviolet
b) Radio Waves
c) Gamma
d) X rays

What mineral is commonly in a mafic rock??
a) Pyroxene
b) Quartz
c) Potassium Feldspar
d) Granite

Where are the finger lakes??
a) In the Catskills...
b) Right above the Mathattan Prong
c) In the Allegheny Plateau
d) The Erie Ontario Lowlands

How much heat is lost when you freeze 10 grams of water?
a) 80 calories
b) 800 calories
c) 540 calories
d) 5400 calories

What is the most dense state of water??
a) They're all the same
b) Liquid
c) Solid
d) Gas

What's the halflife of Carbon14?
a) 5700 days
b) 5.712 * 10 ^ 3
c) 57,000 years
d) 5,700 years

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