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Cuneiform:___::Hammurabi's Code:Legal Codes
a) Spoken languages
b) Written languages
c) Hieroglyphics
d) Alphabets

a) Draco
b) Solon
c) Pericles
d) Thebeesknes

What information have archaeologists been able to gather from square seals found not only in Harappa but as far away as Egypt??
a) that Indus civilization was monotheistic
b) the ability to interpret ancient writing
c) that Indus civilizations traded with each other
d) that Indus civilization had a legal code

Which polis was able to unify Greece and maintain its control as a direct result of the carnage of the Peloponnesian War?
a) Athens
b) Sparta
c) Macedon
d) Thebes

a) Minoans
b) Athenians
c) Spartans
d) Nubians

With which of the following economies did the early Greeks have the MOST in common?
a) Persia
b) Phoenicia
c) Egypt
d) Mesopotamia

Which of the following is NOT true of the Battle of Marathon?
a) It occurred approximately 26 miles from Athens
b) The Athenians were victorious
c) It led to the legend of Phedipides
d) It was the first battle of the Peloponnesian War

Which of the following is MOST CLOSELY associated with the development of democracy?
a) Draco
b) Solon
c) Leonidas
d) Plato

Which of the following characters from Greek fiction would emotionally connect with the following lyrics: 'Though back at the time, I never thought I'd see her face, ain't a woman alive that could take my mama's place' -Tupac Shakur
a) Antigone
b) Oedipus
c) Odysseus
d) Achilles

Moksha : Hinduism :: ________ : Buddhism
a) Samsara
b) Nirvana
c) Dharma
d) Eightfold Path

Which of the following BEST explains the development of unique cultures in both China and India?
a) lots of cultural diffusion with the outside world
b) geographic isolation
c) religious intolerance
d) rejection of writtnen language

Which of the following is NOT an achievement of the Mauryan's?
a) veterinary hospitals
b) system of roads
c) spread of Buddhism
d) traded silk

Which of the following is the earliest form of written language?
a) The Phoenician alphabet
b) Hieroglyphics
c) Hebrew
d) Cuneiform

Which of the following BEST defines the term city-states?
a) Which of the following BEST defines the term city-states?
b) elf contained, independent and often walled cities
c) self contained cities united with other cities of the region
d) kingdoms and empires that center completely around one city

Which of the following would most likely have been spoken by a Mesopotamian in reference to his religion?
a) “we are God’s chosen people”
b) “the gods will help shepherd us into an afterlife of luxury and enjoyment”
c) “death is a necessary fact because of the will of the gods: all human effort is only temporary
d) “the gods are as a watchmaker who creates and sets in motion only to step aside”

Which of the following groups pioneered the use of iron weapons?
a) Assyrians
b) Persians
c) Hittites
d) Phoenicians

Which of the following choices places the innovations in the correct order from oldest to most recent?
a) oral language, agriculture, written language
b) written language, oral language, agriculture
c) agriculture, written language, oral language
d) oral language, written language, agriculture

Which of the following had the greatest effect on the life of Paleolithic humans?
a) A prolonged drought
b) Bronze tools
c) Written language
d) Monotheisn

Which of the following can be most accurately compared to the cafeteria at Moody Middle School in terms of its social function?
a) Stonehenge
b) A paleolithic hearth
c) Cave art
d) Walking upright

Which of the following is an advancement of the Old Stone Age?
a) Development of oral language
b) Construction of early villages
c) Development of agriculture
d) Development of basic irrigation systems

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