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TKAM-Where is the novel set?
a) Baton Rouge, Louisiana
b) Meridian, Mississppi
c) Maycomb, Alabama
d) Monroeville, Texas

The first chapter focuses ont elling stories. This primarily serves to
a) Mimic the random thoughts in Scout's mind.
b) provide backstory connecting the individual characters to their history.
c) lenghen the novel.
d) make the story appealing to a younger audience.

By choosing Scout as a narrator, the author is able to
a) speak to those readers who did not know about racial inequalities that have since been addressed.
b) show how young people often get into situations that require adult intervention.
c) indicate her belief that the jury system does not always deliver justice.
d) create a character who gradually matures to understand the complications of life, not all of which can be satisfactorily reso

One of the reasons the author introduces Walter Cunningham and Burris Ewell so early in the novel is because
a) the Finches come to depend upon both famlies during the story.
b) it forshadows the dignificance each family will play in another part of the story.
c) the Cuninghams and the Ewells hate each other, and it is their conflict that creates a disaster int he town.
d) they get abducted by aliens.

a) kind
b) funny
c) evil
d) lovely

a) place and time
b) character
c) conflict
d) theme

Ms. Q
a) teacher
b) puppy
c) giraffe
d) boy

a) academic place of learning
b) jail
c) doghouse
d) bakery

a) d
b) e
c) f
d) c

a) yes
b) no
c) meal
d) maybe

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