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How should we approach the harsh conditions of life?
a) With a sense of pessimism
b) With hard-edged laughter
c) With frank and revealing poetry
d) With grotesque imagery

What is a way we describe the writing of post moderns?
a) Experimentation
b) Humorous
c) Satirical
d) Psychoanalysis

Which is NOT a post modern characteristic
a) Allowing for multiple worlds
b) meta fiction
c) commenting upon itself
d) Allowing for multiple tacos

Poems that were frank and revealing are:
a) Dashboard Confessional
b) Upbeat
c) Confessional School
d) Crude, instinctive and subject to the laws of the universe

Who wrote confessional school poetry?
a) Your mom
b) The Beats
c) The Beatles
d) Your dog

Gallows humor is
a) Dark humor
b) Light humor
c) Racy humor
d) Pragmatic humor

2nd person narration
a) I
b) They
c) He
d) You

To be prudent, one is:
a) acting with or showing care and thought for the future
b) acting with or showing care and thought for another's grief
c) acting with or showing care and thought for traditional authority
d) acting with or showing care and thought for strategy

What is NOT part of imagery?
a) Sight
b) Sound
c) Thought
d) Taste

What can you use on the exam?
a) Thesaurus
b) Dictionary
c) Review
d) Notecards

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