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What is the meaning of disillusionment?
a) To conform to tradition
b) Obtaining the American Dream
c) To be optimistic in a world full of cynics
d) To be disappointed in something that is not as good as you had hoped

What is NOT an aspect of the American Dream?
a) Respect for the mysterious working of the subconscious mind
b) There are endless opportunities
c) Progress is something that must happen
d) The ultimate triumph of the self-reliant individual

Modern writers grew _____________ over traditional authority.
a) Optimistic
b) Cynical
c) Prudent
d) Crude

What did modern writers NOT decide to make new?
a) Themes
b) Subjects
c) Styles
d) Symbols

Many authors during this period did what?
a) Lived in other countries
b) supported prohibition
c) criticized marxism
d) used romance to entertain

Jordan Baker is considered
a) dishonest
b) ditzy
c) disillusioned
d) determined

Tom is
a) a hardworker
b) a businessman
c) a brute
d) progressive in social views

Rhythm is:
a) The way a sentence is structured
b) a regular, repeated pattern of sounds or movements
c) a comparison of two unlike things
d) Words that sound similar

To be infallible, one is:
a) foolhardy
b) capable of making mistakes or being wrong
c) subject to the laws of the universe
d) incapable of making mistakes or being wrong

Denotation means:
a) Finding the literal meaning of a word
b) Finding the figurative meaning of a word
c) Looking up the definition of a word
d) Is this still being read?

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