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Realists Sought To:
a) Explore psychology
b) Portray life as it is
c) Provide accounts of soldier's in the civil war
d) Symbolically join disillusioned generations

Realism emphasized:
a) Social issues, the ordinary, nature
b) Symbolism, life as it is, pragmatism
c) The Ordinary, Life as it is, Social Issues
d) Accuracy, the ordinary, irony

What did Naturalist writers NOT believe?
a) we are subject to the laws of the universe
b) Nature is a source of comfort and inspiration
c) Using irony and foreshadow
d) Being instinctive and crude

Which is NOT an extension of Realism?
a) Writing as an art of God and Nature
b) Naturalism
c) Regionalism
d) Writing as an art of the common people

Regionalism is:
a) The exploration of the human mind
b) Subject to forces beyond our control
c) Stories about a particular religious belief
d) Stories about a particular geographical area

Which story is from the Realism movement?
a) A Rose for Emily
b) Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
c) The Glass Castle
d) In Another Country

Find the word that matches the definition: To oppress; Conquest
a) Skeptic
b) Implication
c) Subjugation
d) Fragmentation

Find the word that matches the definition: treating complex issues and problems as if they were much simpler than they really are.
a) Idealism
b) Pessimistic
c) Optimistic
d) Simplistic

a) Tell the conditions of what is happening
b) The literal meaning of a word
c) Rely on the senses to portray an image
d) Repeat consonant or assonant sounds in a single sentence

What are you going to make on this exam?
a) F
b) C
c) B
d) A

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