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Venir means...
a) To come
b) To have
c) To eat lunch
d) To have to

Ir a + inf. means...
a) To have to
b) To feel like
c) Going to...
d) To not feel like

Tener que + inf. means...
a) Going to...
b) To feel like
c) To not feel like
d) To have to

Tener ganas de + inf. means...
a) To not feel like
b) To feel like
c) To have to
d) Going to...

a) Las chancletas
b) La toalla
c) Los lentes de sol
d) El traje de bano

Which of the following would you NOT NEED: para ir a la playa?
a) la chaqueta
b) el bloqueador
c) el traje de bano
d) los lentes de sol

Which of the following would you NOT NEED: para esquiar?
a) los esquis
b) la chaqueta
c) la bufanda
d) las chancletas

Bajar el río en canoa means...
a) To camp
b) To skydive
c) To swim
d) To go canoeing

Ir de vela means...
a) To go sailing
b) To camp
c) To go canoeing
d) To take a hike

Dar una caminata means...
a) To run
b) To skydive
c) To go canoeing
d) To take a hike

Hacer la maleta means...
a) To pack the suitcase
b) To buy a plane ticket
c) To take a trip
d) To skydive

You would need to use Lente de sol when...
a) Llueve.
b) Hace frio.
c) Hace mucho sol.
d) Nieva.

Saltar en paracaidas means...
a) To skydive
b) To explore the jungle
c) To be deserted on an island
d) To mountain climb

Yo tengo ganas de hacer turismo.
a) I don't feel like sightseeing.
b) I feel like sightseeing.
c) I have to sightsee.
d) I'm going to sightsee.

Ella va a tomar el sol.
a) She has to sunbathe.
b) She is going to use sun block.
c) She feels like sunbathing.
d) She is going to sunbathe.

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