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About two-thirds of Earth's fresh water is stored in
a) aquifers
b) oceans
c) glaciers and icebergs
d) rivers and lakes

Why are freshwater shortages a global problem?
a) The human population is decreasing
b) Wastewater can't be treated quickly enough to meet demands
c) There is less water in the water cycle today than in the past
d) The human population is increasing.

Which of the following is necessary for an aquifer to form?
a) a layer of permeable rock
b) high levels of precipitation
c) an artesian well
d) a high water table

Granite does not allow water to flow through it. Granite is an example of
a) an aquifer
b) a spring
c) impermeable rock
d) permeable rock

Water that collects in permeable rock beneath the surface of Earth is called
a) lake water
b) precipitation
c) ground water
d) springs

Precipitation occurs when
a) solid or liquid water falls from clouds
b) solid or liquid water forms clouds
c) water vapor forms clouds
d) water vapor falls from clouds

A puddle drying up on a sunny day is an example of
a) transpiration
b) evaporation
c) condensation
d) precipitation

Almost three-quarters of Earth's surface is covered by
a) salt water
b) fresh water
c) land
d) ice

Which of the following statements about water is true?
a) Water is necessary for life to survive.
b) Water exists in liquid form only.
c) Water in ice is a gas.
d) Water covers 1/4 of Earth's surface.

Three percent of the total water on Earth is
a) liquid water
b) ocean water
c) salt water
d) fresh water

Which of these can cause water shortages anywhere on Earth?
a) drought and desalination
b) conservation and overuse
c) drought and overuse
d) desalination and overuse

What is the most important use of water in your daily life?
a) washing cars
b) irrigating the food crops that you eat
c) transporting products you use each day
d) moving nutrients through your body

What causes most pollution of fresh water?
a) wastewater from factories
b) point-source pollutants
c) nonpoint-source pollutants
d) broken septic systems

Which of these would be used to treat the wastewater in a large city?
a) a sewer system
b) a septic system
c) a hydroelectric dam
d) a desalination plant

Which of these is a good way to conserve water at home?
a) Install a septic system
b) Drink less water than your body needs
c) Water the grass only when the Sun is shining
d) Run the clothes washer only when it is full

How do countries limit the pollution of water?
a) by making laws and treaties
b) by banning irrigation
c) by desalinating seawater
d) by building dams

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