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The extracelluar matrix in blood is
a) Plasma
b) Phospholipids
c) Phlogiston
d) Particulate

Connective tissue is called that because its cells are all connected to each other with junctions
a) Totally Wrong!
b) 100% accurate!
c) I am marking this answer for no reason
d) I have no clue

The connective tissue that stores energy, insulates, and cushions is
a) Adipose
b) Reticular
c) Areolar
d) Scotties

The loose thin fibers that allow stretching are
a) Elastin
b) Collagen
c) Reticular
d) Spandex

The cells in connective tissue that create fibers are
a) Fibroblasts
b) Mast Cells
c) Adipocytes
d) Macrophages

The cells that perform the immune function in Areolar tissue are
a) Macrophages
b) Adipocytes
c) Mast Cells
d) Fibroblasts

Forming the embryonic skeleton and the ends of adult bones, this connective tissue has a glassy appearance
a) Hyaline cartilage
b) Dense Regular Connective Tissue
c) Fibrocartilage
d) Adipose Tissue

Lacking a perichondrium, things like intervertebral discs and knee menisci are made of
a) Fibrocartilage
b) Osseous tissue
c) Hyaline cartilage
d) Dense Regular Connective Tissue

All muscles ___________ in response to stimuli
a) Contract
b) Extend
c) Flex
d) Expand

Skeletal muscle attaches to ___________ or _________
a) tendons or aponeuroses
b) cardiac muscle or bones
c) smooth muscle or ligaments
d) Itself or others

Cardiac muscle and Skeletal muscle have lines called
a) Striations
b) Strata
c) Stripes
d) Punch

Cardiac muscle, like glycogen, is
a) Branched
b) Made of carbohydrates
c) Made of marshmallows
d) Linear

The nerve tissue cells that produce Cerebro Spinal Fluid are the
a) Ependymal cells
b) Astrocytes
c) Oligodendrocytes
d) Fluidocytes

Schwann Cells in the Peripheral Nervous System perform the same function as oligodendrocytes in the CNS, namely
a) Production of myelin
b) transfer of mechanical force
c) Production of CerebroSpinal Fluid
d) Production of neurotransimtters

Connective tissue often consists mostly of its ______ rather than cells per se
a) Extracellular matrix
b) Imaginary Friends
c) Basement membranes
d) Central Vacuole

Epithelial cells held together by intracellular
a) Junctions
b) Bonds
c) Cords
d) Mortar

Epithelia with a single layer are
a) Simple
b) Stratified
c) Sincere
d) Singular

Epithelia cells compose endocrine and exocrine _______, cover surfaces, and line _______
a) glands, internal organs
b) tissues, external organs
c) processes, hair follicles
d) compounds, up for silly movies

the extracellular matrix consists of material that is _______, but not actually ______
a) organic, alive
b) inorganic, static
c) living, respiring
d) present, manifest

you can always identify a tissue by its one characteristic cell type
a) Rather False, actually
b) Oh so True!
c) hmm, it kinda depends on how you look at it
d) i want a slightly lower score on this

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