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What contains salts and urea to slow the growth of pathogens on the skin?
a) histamines
b) perspiration
c) lymphocytes
d) antigens

What are proteins and chemicals foreign to your body called?
a) antigens
b) antibodies
c) histamines
d) foreign invaders from another galaxy

Causes of this include genetics, chemicals, poor diet, and uncontrolled cell growth
a) infectious disease
b) noninfectious disease
c) allergies
d) immunity

What are white blood cells that destroy invading antigens?
a) allergies
b) antibodies
c) lymphocytes
d) histamines

What are substances promote red, swollen tissues in an allergic reaction?
a) allergens
b) antibodies
c) histamines
d) pathogens

What is the pigment that gives the skin color?
a) marrow
b) melanin
c) epidermis
d) myelin

Which muscles look striped and are used to move bones?
a) cardiac muscle
b) smooth muscle
c) skeletal muscle
d) nonstriated muscle

What is the substance that produces red and white blood cells inside bones?
a) spongy bone
b) compact bone
c) periosteum
d) marrow

What is a joint called that allows little or no motion?
a) hinge joint
b) immovable joint
c) pivot joint
d) ball and socket joint

What is the outermost layer of skin called?
a) periosteum
b) epidermis
c) marrow
d) melanin

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