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The place where a river empties into the ocean is called the river's
a) watershed
b) mouth
c) flood plain
d) delta

Farmers can protect the mineral content of soil by
a) adding fertilizers and terracing
b) rotating crops and contour plowing
c) adding fertilizers and rotating crops
d) terracing and contour plowing

Fold mountains are caused by what force
a) shear
b) compression
c) gravity
d) tension

A fan shaped deposit that forms at the mouth of a river
a) hydrosphere
b) meander
c) delta
d) current

What does a mineral with a metallic luster look like
a) dull
b) oily
c) waxy
d) shiny

The dropping off of bits of eroded rock is
a) weathering
b) deposition
c) erosion
d) abrasion

Which of these is not a cause of erosion
a) running water
b) wind
c) sediment
d) glaciers

A force that twists, tears, or pushes one apart of the crust past another is
a) shear
b) gravity
c) tension
d) conpression

The breaking down of rocks into smaller pieces is called
a) weathering
b) deposition
c) pollution
d) erosion

Streams and rivers that flows into a larger one are called
a) lakes
b) ponds
c) runnoffs
d) tributaries

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