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What compound is called the universal solvent?
a) gasoline
b) water
c) sugar
d) oxygen

When thermal energy is added to ice, the following phase changes will take place in order:
a) boiling, melting
b) condensation, freezing
c) melting, boiling
d) evaporation, condensation

The type of weathering where rock is broken down into smaller pieces is-
a) physical weathering
b) chemical weathering
c) acid rain weathering
d) precipitation

Renewable energy from water sources include all of these EXCEPT-
a) hydropower
b) tidal energy
c) wave energy
d) wind energy

Which of these is an advantage to using solar energy?
a) Causes air pollution
b) Does not cause air pollution
c) Not available all the time
d) Is cheap to install

Which of these is a disadvantage to using solar enenrgy?
a) Causes air pollution
b) Does not cause air pollution
c) Not available all the time
d) Is cheap to install

A farmer owns 35 acres of land. The best way for the farmer to conserve his land is to-
a) leave the land in its natural state
b) build four new barns on his property
c) plow all 35 acres for growing crops
d) build an additional road through the forest

Which of the following is a way that Roanoke City middle schools have helped the environement by composting?
a) Decreased use of nonrenewable resources
b) Decreased trash going to land fills
c) Used more nonrenewable resources
d) Both decreased use of nonrenewable resources and decreased trash going to land fills

How many atoms of iron (Fe) are found in the compound rust(Fe2 O3)?
a) 2
b) 5
c) 26
d) 29

How many atoms of carbon are in the compound, carbon dioxide (CO2)?
a) two
b) one
c) three
d) four

Which of these correctly lists all of the renewable resources?
a) fossil fuels, solar, wind, water, biofuels, geothermal
b) nuclear, solar, wind, water, biofuels, geothermal
c) fossil fuels, nuclear, solar, wind, water, biofuels, geothermal
d) solar, wind, water, biofuels, geothermal

Which of the following is not a fossil fuel?
a) hydroelectric
b) coal
c) petroleum
d) natural gas

When a roller coaster is stationary at the highest point, the roller coaster has
a) the most potential energy
b) the least potential energy
c) no potential energy
d) only thermal energy

A student planted red, white, and yellow flowers and counted how many times the bees visited each color. What is the dependent variable in each experiment?
a) the color of flowers
b) the location of flowers
c) size of the bees
d) number of times bees visited each color

In an experiement, plants are watered with different liquids once daily for one week. What is the independent variable?
a) what the plants are watered with each day
b) how much liquid the plants are given each day
c) the number of times the plants are watered each day
d) how long it takes the plant to die

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