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Which social class is the largest in Egypt
a) Pharoahs
b) Nobles
c) Scribes
d) Slaves/Farmers

Which pharaoh defeated other invaders without going to war?
a) Hatshepsut
b) Menes
c) Khafre
d) Tut

Who were the pyramids of Giza created for in Egypt?
a) Menes
b) Khafre
c) Khufu
d) Tut

Who was Menes and why was he so important to Egypt?
a) Built famous pyramids
b) Built famous temples
c) Invaded Kush
d) Unified Upper and Lower Egypt

The resource for which Phoenicia was well known was
a) iron ore
b) Cedar wood
c) Gold
d) Silt

What technology did the Hittites and Assyrians use in battle?
a) Fire and chariots
b) copper and bronze weapons
c) iron weapons and chartios
d) battleships and chariots

The worship of many gods.
a) polytheism
b) monotheism
c) buddhism
d) Judiasm

Which is the best explanation for why Mesopotamiand built canals?
a) to control the flood
b) to control the droughts
c) to control the river's flow
d) to transport goods down the Nile

The Sumerians developed ____________________________, the world’s first system of writing.
a) hieroglyphics
b) cunieform
c) Greek alphabet
d) Sumerialphabet

After the Middle Stone Age came the _______________________ Era, or New Stone Age.
a) Mesolithic
b) Mesozoic
c) Paleolithic
d) Neolithic

The rivers that enclose the land known as Mesopotamia
a) Tigris and Euphrates
b) Nile and Euphrates
c) Mississippi and Ohio
d) Congo and Nile

The development of _______________________, or farming, changed human society forever.
a) Irrigation
b) the wheel
c) agriculture
d) canals

What was important about Donald Johanson’s discovery of Lucy in 1974?
a) It proved the hominids used tools
b) It proved that hominids lived in East Africa 5,000 years ago.
c) It pointed to a hominid’s ability to walk upright
d) It was the first discovery of ancient bones

The essential resources used by early peoples were
a) Water, copper, and animals
b) Copper, gold, and fertile land
c) Iron, copper, and water
d) Water, animals, and fertile land

What is the difference between a primary source and an artifact?
a) Primary sources are studied by archaeologists;artifacts are studied by historians
b) Primary sources are written sources; artifacts are objects
c) Primary sources are made by people; artifacts are made by machines
d) Primary sources are studied by historians; artifacts are not

Which of the following would a historian be least interested in?
a) The bones of a group of people
b) The knowledge of a group of people
c) The beliefs of a group of people
d) The customs of a group of people.

The study of the past
a) History
b) Archaeology
c) Cartography
d) Engineering

Objects created by humans and studied by archaeologists and historians.
a) secondary sources
b) fossils
c) artifacts
d) maps

What is the significance of the Rosetta Stone?
a) Helped to decode hieroglyhpics
b) It was used in battle
c) It was the King's resting place
d) It was a meeting place for historians

Why is King Tut important to archaeologists today?
a) His tomb was the biggest
b) His tomb was the most intact which gave clues to burial practices
c) His tomb was raided the most
d) His tomb was haunted and his ghost gave clues to historians.

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