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What is the difference between the religion of the Egyptians and Hebrews?
a) The Hebrews were monotheistic, while the Egyptians were polytheistic.
b) The religion of the Hebrews is older.
c) The Egyptians worshiped animals.

Define polytheism.
a) Belief in one god
b) Belief in many gods
c) Belief in no gods

Who was Abraham?
a) A Mesopotamian god
b) The first person to believe in one god.
c) The first man created

Where was the Promised Land for the Hebrews?
a) Hebrew
b) Canaan
c) Egypt

Why does the Nile River flow from South to North?
a) Southern Egypt has a higher elevation
b) The delta was in the south
c) People made irrigation canals

Which best describes Hammurabi's code?
a) Punishments were based on social class.
b) Punishments were equal.
c) Punishments were not needed.

Why was silt so important?
a) The rainfall helped silt.
b) The silt made the land flat.
c) It made the land fertile for farming.

Why was trade so important to the Mesopotamians?
a) It helped them figure out when the Tigris and Euphrates flooded.
b) They needed to trade for natural resources.
c) It gave the people something to do.

How did the people of Catal Huyuk get around?
a) They walked on and entered houses through the rooftops.
b) They walked on streets between the houses.
c) They rode animals like dogs.

How did the development of writing help the Sumerians?
a) It made their brains grow.
b) It allowed them to conquer other people.
c) They were able to keep records of their daily lives.

Who had the most power in Sumerian society?
a) teachers
b) government officials
c) priests

How did Sumerian farmers irrigate their crops?
a) They carried water.
b) They built canals.
c) They had water fights.

What happened as a result of a surplus of food and specialized jobs?
a) People fought each other.
b) People migrated to follow seasonal crops.
c) Organized social classes developed.

What happened during the Agricultural Revolution?
a) People began growing their own crops and domesticating animals.
b) People moved from place to place.
c) People started writing.

Which of the following describes a hunter-gatherer?
a) had specialized jobs
b) nomadic
c) lived in one place

What is the difference between an artifact and a fossil?
a) An artifact is old, a fossil is new
b) An artifact is a primary source, a fossil is a secondary source
c) An artifact is made by humans, a fossil is a part of nature

Which of the following is an example of a secondary source?
a) your textbook
b) The Epic of Gilgamesh
c) The Ten Commandments

Which of the following describes a hunter-gatherer?
a) had specialized jobs
b) nomadic
c) lived in one place

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