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The percent on the milk carton refers to the
a) Percent of liquid in the milk
b) Percent of milk fat
c) Percent of Calcium in the milk
d) Percent of lactose

The date on the milk carton is called
a) Expiration date
b) Sell by date
c) Do not use after date
d) Date the milk was processed

The process of heating milk to a temperature just below boiling to destroy harmful organisms is called
a) Pasteurization
b) Ultra pasteurization
c) Homogenization
d) Lactose

Eggs are a great source of this nutrient
a) Protein
b) B-vitamins
c) Calcium
d) Vitamin C

Grades of eggs sold in most stores are
a) AA A
b) A B
c) A, B, C
d) White and Brown grades

The main factors that affect egg prices are
a) Weight and color of the yolk
b) Shell color and grade
c) Age of egg and grade
d) Size and grade

Shell color depends on the
a) Breed of the hen
b) Age of the hen
c) Hen’s diet
d) Rooster’s diet

Which of the following hurts the formation of an egg white foam?
a) Acid
b) Cream of tartar
c) Fat
d) Sugar

Egg whites that have reached full volume and have peaks that bend at the tips have been beaten to the _______
a) Foamy stage
b) Soft peak stage (Dairy Queen curl)
c) Stiff peak stage
d) Overbeaten stage

Mixture that forms when oil and a water-based liquid are combined (example: mayonnaise)
a) Egg foam
b) Stiff peaks
c) Meringue
d) Emulsion

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