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Circuits in most homes are this type
a) Parallel
b) Series
c) Open
d) Direct

Which colour screw does a black wire attach to in an outlet?
a) Silver
b) Brass
c) Green
d) Blue

What is the purpose of the bare wire?
a) Live wire
b) Neutral wire
c) Shock you
d) Grouding

Which type of energy source is renewable?
a) hydroelectric
b) coal
c) nuclear
d) natural gas

Which type of energy generation can produce huge amounts of energy from tiny pellets?
a) Hydroelectric
b) Geothermal
c) Nuclear
d) Solar

A flashlight is an example of this type of current.
a) Alternating current (AC)
b) Direct current (DC)

Builders put windows on this side of the houses in Canada to use the sun to help heat them.
a) North
b) East
c) South
d) West

Electrical efficiciency is....
a) the percent of electrictiy converted to intended use
b) sources of energy that will not run out
c) responsible for air pollution
d) a path for electricity to follow

Which is true in order for electricity to travel around a circuit?
a) There must be a ground wire
b) There must be a switch
c) There must be a complete path
d) There must be a alternating current

If an appliance uses 300kWh per year how much would it cost to run for 1 year at $0.25/kWh?
a) $7.50
b) $75.00
c) $1200.00
d) $120.00

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