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A zygote is?
a) A fertilized egg
b) An alien
c) A larvae
d) A seed

What is a Blastula?
a) A solid ball of cells
b) A hollow ball of cells
c) Where the gut forms
d) The final stage in an animals development

What is a Gastrula?
a) A hollow ball of cells
b) A solid ball of cells
c) When an animal forms its gut
d) Animals with no tissues

A Blastopore is?
a) The first orafice formed in the Blastula
b) An anus
c) A mouth
d) An explosive

What is the difference between a Diploblastic and Triploblastic animal?
a) Only one has a digestive tract
b) Diploblastic has 2 tissue layers vs. Triploblastic has 3
c) Both are types of mammals
d) Both are types of Poriferans

Protostomes have what type of cleavage?
a) Radial
b) Circular
c) Spiral
d) Square

Deuterostomes form what from their Blastopore?
a) Mouth
b) Brain
c) Feet
d) Anus

What type of cleavage do Deuterostomes have?
a) Radial
b) Spiral
c) Square
d) Circular

What type of coelome means no body cavity?
a) Pseudocoelomate
b) Acoelomate
c) Eucoelomate
d) Some other fourth thing

Being Humans we have what type of coelome?
a) Pseudocoelomate
b) Acoelomate
c) Eucoelomate
d) Some other fourth thing

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