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When taking a phone message which is NOT something you need to write down?
a) Name
b) Number
c) Message
d) Birthdate

All of these are examples of Job Aides EXCEPT which one
a) Forms
b) List of Steps
c) Instructions
d) Text message

If you cant remember directions you should
a) not do the job
b) do it how you want
c) write them down

Asking questions make you
a) look stupid
b) makes you look like you care

What should you do if you dont know a verbal instruction
a) ask questions
b) do it the way you want
c) dont do it at all

Which of these is NOT a key word to remember from verbal instructions?
a) When
b) Where
c) How
d) Why

What does clarificaion mean?
a) complain
b) explain more
c) help doing a task
d) bad attitude

True or False When you are asked to do something extra you should say you will only if someone else will help you.
a) True
b) False

True or False You should know the companies services before starting work.
a) True
b) False

Which one of these is NOT a way to be superior worker?
a) Pay attention
b) volunteer to help others
c) Be late
d) be prompt and prepared

What does Teamwork mean?
a) work alone
b) not care about others opinions
c) make one person do all the work
d) working with you cor-wrokers to accomplish a task

Which of these is NOT a way to be a good team player
a) pay attention
b) help your co-workers
c) Dont care what others say
d) compromise

what does compromise mean?
a) to come to an agreement
b) to fight
c) to be kind
d) to listen

What does aptitude mean?
a) activites
b) determine the work of something
c) to go up high
d) your natural abilities and talents

Which is NOT a location to take a aptitude test?
a) online
b) library
c) employment agency
d) McDonalds

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