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Which of the following is not granted by the Bill of Rights
a) freedom from prosecution
b) freedom to assemble
c) freedom of the press
d) freedom of speech

The judicial power of the United States shall be vested in the
a) Supreme Curt and Congressional ordained inferior courts
b) President and the Supreme COurt
c) President and the Congress
d) Congress and the Senate

Duty to do or not to do a certain thing, an act or omission in violation of that duty, and criminal intent are
a) elements of a crime
b) elements of a tort
c) elements of a trial
d) none of these

Which of the following is not an example of a business-related crime
a) murder
b) arson
c) conspiracy
d) extortion

Elements of a tort are
a) duty and breach
b) injury and causation
c) all of these
d) none of these

The most common example of vicarious liability is
a) an employer for the acts of employees
b) a parent for the acts of the child
c) both of these
d) none of these

Civil juries have
a) to review evidence
b) to be subpoenaed
c) to unanimously make a decision
d) to cross-examine witnesses

A legislative body has the power to nullify a court's interpretation of a statute or ordinance by
a) both of these
b) none of these
c) abolishing it
d) rewriting it

The U.S. Supreme Court has
a) both of these
b) none of these
c) original jurisdiction over cases affecting public ministers, ambassadors, and consuls
d) appellate jurisdiction over cases on appeal from the highest courts of the various states

Courts, below the circuit court level, that take care of specialized or relatively minor jurisdiction, would not include,
a) appellate courts
b) juvenile courts
c) small claims court
d) municipal courts

Some constitutional rights to due process are
a) none of these
b) the right to cross-examine
c) the right not to testify against oneself
d) the right to be represented by a lawyer

Self-defense, criminal insanity, and immunity are all examples of
a) substantive defenses
b) procedural defenses
c) both of these
d) none of these

Monetary awards to the injured party to compensate for loss are often called
a) both of these
b) actual damages
c) compensatory damages
d) none of these

Which of the following usually does not make a contract void
a) unilateral mistake
b) mutual mistake
c) fraud
d) all of these

Which of the following have contractual capacity
a) the common laborer
b) the mentally impaired
c) minors
d) the intoxicated

People who lack capacity have the right to
a) pay a fair price instead of the contract price for contracts for necessaries
b) disaffirm all contracts
c) contract needed necessaries at any price
d) contract non-necessaries at any price

When the statute does not clearly state that a certain contract is enforceable, the courts look at
a) all of these
b) the impact of the violation on the public welfare
c) how directly the contract and the violation of the statute are connected
d) how involved the parties are in the violation of the statute

The remedy intended to place the parties in the same legal position they were in before contracting is
a) rescission and restitution
b) money damages
c) specific performance
d) waiver

To create a valid offer, the offeror must communicate an intention to create a legal obligation to the offeree with
a) definite and complete terms
b) a down payment
c) a witness present
d) none of these

An offer can be terminated by the offeror by
a) revocation
b) a counter offer
c) both of these
d) none of these

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