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A payment made to an insurance company for medical services is called what?
a) Premium
b) Deductible
c) Copayment
d) Provider's Fee

HMO's are medical insurance companies that:
a) Allow patients to see any physician they want.
b) Control the delivery of healthcare.
c) Do not require copayments.
d) Often have high deductibles.

Care or procedures that are not considered medically necessary may:
a) Be covered if the physician negotiates the fee.
b) Be billed at a higher rate.
c) Have a higher deductible.
d) Be excluded.

Precertification is completed prior to surgery to make sure the:
a) Patient is prepared for the operation
b) Hospital can perform the operation
c) Operation is covered by insurance
d) Surgeon has time in their schedule

A bill submitted to a health insurance company is called
a) Accounts payable
b) Voucher
c) Receipt
d) Claim

Medical administrative assistants are most likely responsible for which of the following?
a) Cash Flow
b) Accounting
c) Bookkeeping
d) Cost Containment

Which of the following is a system for classifying, recording, and summarizing financial information?
a) Accounting
b) Billing
c) Provider Network
d) Bookkeeping

Securing and processing money owed to patients is called:
a) Accounting
b) Protected Health Information
c) Bookkeeping
d) Billing

_____________ is the recording part of the accounting process.
a) Premiums
b) Billing
c) Bookkeeping
d) Contracting

What does CMAA stand for?
a) Certified Medical Administration Association
b) Comprehensive Medical Assisting Act
c) Certified Medical Administrative Assistant
d) Certified Medical Assisting Administration

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