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What is the chemical formula for Manganese (IV) Oxide
a) Mn(IV)O
b) MnO4
c) MnO2
d) MnO

What is an anion
a) Positive charged particle
b) A charged particle
c) Negative charged particle
d) An element

What is the chemical formula fro Sodium Nitride
a) NaN
b) NaN3
c) Na3N
d) Na2N

What is the name for the compound NiS
a) Nickel (I) Sulfide
b) Nickel (II) Sulfide
c) Nickel Sulfide
d) Nickel Monosulfide

What is the formula of Mn(III) Phosphide
a) MnP
b) Mn2P3
c) Mn3P2

Which of the following is the formula name of P2S3
a) Phosphorous (III) Sulfide
b) Diphosphorous Trisulfide
c) Triphosphorous Disulfide
d) Phosphorous (II) Sulfide

Which of the following prefixes tells us five?
a) hepta
b) hexa
c) tetra
d) penta

What type of bond is CF4
a) Ionic
b) Metallic
c) Polar Covalent
d) Nonpolar Covalent

Whcih of the following is named INCORRECTLY?
a) Mg3P2; Trimagnesium diphosphide
b) SCl2; Sulfur Dichloride
c) CO2; Carbon Dioxide
d) TeI2; Tellurium diodide

What is the formula of boron tetrachloride
a) B4Cl
b) BCl4
c) B3Cl
d) BCl3

What is the name of the following compound? VO
a) Vanadium Oxide
b) Vanadium Oxygen
c) Vanadium (I) Oxide
d) Vanadium (II) Oxide

If a bond has an electronegativity difference of 1.2, what type of bond must it be?
a) Ionic
b) Nonpolar covalent
c) Polar Covalent
d) Metallic

Which of the following is named INCORRECTLY?
a) MgCl2; Manganese dichloride
b) CsF; Cesium Fluoide
c) P2O7; Diphosphorous Heptaoxide
d) Ar2Se; Diarsenic Selenide

What is the charge of the following ions in Magnesium dibromide
a) Mg = +1 Br = -1
b) Mg = +2 Br = -1
c) Mg = +2 Br = +1
d) Mg = +1 Br = -2

What is the chemical formula of Manganese (III) Oxide
a) Mn2O2
b) Mn3O2
c) Mn2O3
d) MnO

What is the chemical name of CO2
a) Dicarbon Oxide
b) Carbon Dioxide
c) Carbon Oxide
d) Carbon Oxygen

What are values of x and y in MgxPy
a) X=1 Y=2
b) X=2 Y=3
c) X=3 Y=2
d) X=2 Y=-3

What types of bonds are electrons transfered?
a) Ionic
b) Metallic
c) Polar covalent
d) Nonpolar covalent

The smaller the electronegativity difference between bonds, the small the percent of _______?
a) ionic character
b) covalent character

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