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How do cells in the ovary detect a hormone from the brain?
a) The brain sends a nerve impulse to the ovary.
b) White blood cells bring the hormone to the ovary.
c) Receptor molecules on the cells of the ovary bind with the hormone.
d) Vacuoles within the ovary bind with the hormone

Single-celled organisms are able to maintain internal stability because they
a) have multiple organ systems
b) work with other cells
c) contain structures that perform life functions
d) carry out photosynthesis to produce food

The increase of certain types of gases in the atmosphere has contributed to the problem of global warming. All these gases are
a) biotic factors
b) Abiotic Factors
c) Organic Factors
d) Endangered Factors

Which statement provides the best explanation for the increased growth of the fish in the pond?
a) Chemicals present in the pond increased the amount of DNA in the fish, causing the growth increase.
b) The expression of genetic information in the fish was influenced by their surroundings
c) The fish expressed and passed on only those characteristics that enabled them to survive in the new environment
d) The size of the fish depended only on their food supply and not on their DNA

Autotrophs might survive when heterotrophs cannot, because autotrophs are able to
a) reproduce asexually
b) become dormant
c) without respiration
d) make their own food

The inability of sperm cells to move normally could prevent the production of offspring by interfering with
a) meiosis
b) mitosis
c) fertilization
d) differentiation

Which type of pathogenic microbe causes AIDS?
a) a bacterium
b) a virus
c) a multicellular fungus
d) a single celled algae

DNA is able to control cellular activities most directly by regulating the process of
a) meiotic division
b) protein synthesis
c) active transport
d) selective breeding

A new vaccine was developed and then tested on a large sample of individuals. This new vaccine will be considered effective if it helps prepare the body to fight future invasion by
a) inhibiting the response of red blood cells
b) stimulating the reproduction of microbes
c) inhibiting the action of immune cells
d) stimulating the production of antibodies

Cells of the immune system are able to respond to the presence of invading organisms because they recognize the
a) antigens present on the invaders
b) antibodies present in invading pathogens
c) DNA pattern in the nuclei of viruses
d) antibiotics released from microbes

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