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Visible light can be separated into various colors to form a
a) x-ray
b) MRI
c) spectroscope
d) rainbow

Electromagnetic waves can travel through space because they do not need this to travel through:
a) electric energy
b) magnetic field
c) a charge
d) medium

How can you tell one form of electromagnetic energy from another?
a) wavelength
b) amplitude
c) color
d) speed

What do all the types of radiation have in common?
a) wavelength
b) speed
c) amplitude
d) frequency

What is transferred by electromagnetic waves?
a) electricity
b) magnetism
c) sound
d) radiation

What is the instrument used to break white light into a rainbow?
a) MRI machine
b) spectroscope
c) microscope
d) echolocation

What is an example of a transparent material?
a) a curtain
b) a door with no window
c) water or air
d) painted glass

What happens when white light strikes a black object?
a) Blue and green light is reflected.
b) Red and Yellow light are absorbed
c) All light is reflected
d) All light is absorbed.

If a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum has a short wavelength it also has
a) low energy
b) high frequency
c) long wavelength
d) low frequency

What wavelength from the electromagnetic spectrum has a long wavelength and low frequency?
a) X-rays
b) Gamma rays
c) Radio waves
d) Visible light

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