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a) is used to influence people’s beliefs about people or events.
b) is not useful for the military.
c) is the use of war bonds to fund the war.
d) is used to help soldiers in the trenches.

Because of this, countries make deals of fight together in case of a war.
a) Alliance system
b) Nationalism
c) Militarism-arms race
d) Imperialism

Of the following, the most compelling reason for the United States to enter WWI was;
a) a desire to become more involved in the affairs of Europe.
b) the outrage of American citizens over German submarine warfare.
c) moral obligation to halt the refuge crisis in Belgium.
d) concern over the repayment of allied debts to American banks.

The purpose of the League of Nations was to;
a) provide a forum for states within the U.S to discuss their differences.
b) form a military alliance.
c) blame the war on Germany.
d) provide a forum for nations to discuss their differences.

Prolonged conflict that involves states and or nations is called;
a) war.
b) armistice.
c) disagreement.
d) peace.

What country used U-Boats most effectively during World War I?
a) Germany
b) Britain
c) The United States
d) France

What reason did Senators give for opposing U.S membership in the League of Nations?
a) It would drain American finances.
b) It would lead to international instability.
c) It would interfere with free-trade agreements.
d) It would drag the United States into European conflicts.

The war might have involved only two nations, Austria-Hungry and Serbia, if not for;
a) the American Expeditionary Force.
b) the alliance system.
c) imperialism.
d) propaganda.

Which of the following was a result of the Selective Service Act?
a) Women could serve in combat positions.
b) Troops were segregated by race.
c) Troops were segregated by race.
d) African Americans could not become Army officers.

The Espionage and Sedition Acts affected freedom of speech because it;
a) promoted biased ideas designed to sway people’s thinking.
b) forced restaurant owners to offer”liberty sandwiches” rather than hamburgers.
c) allowed the government to silence ideas that challenged its authority.
d) forced the repeal of the first amendment.

Gains made by American women during WWI include;
a) increased support for women’s right to vote.
b) acceptance as full-fledged members of the U.S army.
c) equal pay for equal work in many war industries.
d) the beginnings of a movement for woman suffrage.

One of the jobs of the War Industries board was to;
a) allocate raw materials to businesses.
b) conserve food.
c) create propaganda.
d) draft soldiers.

In 1918 the United States suffered a flu;
a) outbreak.
b) migration.
c) epidemic.
d) hysteria.

Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points described his plan for what?
a) world peace
b) the United States entering WW1
c) the surrender of Germany
d) mass production for the war

Why did many Americans want to stay out of the war?
a) People felt American had their own problems to deal with.
b) They couldn’t decide which side to fight for.
c) They still had close ties to family members in Europe.
d) The war was too far away and it didn’t affect them.

All of the following were results of the Treaty of Versailles EXCEPT
a) the War-Guilt Clause.
b) Germany had to pay $33 billion in war reparations.
c) Germany could keep its entire military.
d) nine new nations were established.

No Man’s Land refers to the area between;
a) two allied nations.
b) opposing trenches.
c) a battlefield and the field hospital.
d) barriers of mines.

What weapon, used by many countries during the war, is now seen as illegal to use?
a) poison gas
b) atomic bombs
c) flame throwers
d) land mines

One of the purposes of propaganda during the war was to;
a) tax citizens.
b) reduce citizens’ rights.
c) draft soldiers.
d) strategies war tactics.

Another word for armistice is;
a) victory.
b) battle.
c) weaponry.
d) truce.

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