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How many electoral votes are needed to win the presidency?
a) 271
b) 538
c) 435
d) 270

All of the following are roles for the president except
a) Chief Diplomat
b) Chief of Interior
c) Chief Executive
d) Chief Legislator

Minnesota spends the most money on what area?
a) Social Security.
b) Education.
c) National Guard.
d) Healthcare.

What is one source of revenue for Minnesota?
a) Individual income tax.
b) Medicaid.
c) Medicare.
d) Social Security.

In what month does the federal governments fiscal year begin?
a) July.
b) October.
c) June.
d) September.

Where does the bieggest chunk of revenue for the federal government come from?
a) Corporate taxes
b) Excise taxes
c) State taxes
d) Individual taxes.

Who elects the president?
a) the states.
b) the people.
c) the electors.
d) congress.

How long is a presidents term length?
a) 2 years.
b) 6 years.
c) 3 years.
d) 4 years.

All of the offices, cabinet members, staff of the white house, and various agencies make up the
a) cabinet
b) bureaucracy
c) Congress
d) White house staff

Who approves a treaty once the president has signed it?
a) the Senate.
b) the House of Representatives.
c) the Supreme Court.
d) the Secretary of State.

The job of the executive branch is to
a) make the law.
b) decide if a law is constitutional.
c) enforce the law.
d) interpret the law.

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