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Elements in the s-Block are found in groups _______.
a) 1A and 2A
b) 2A and 3A
c) 1B and 2B
d) 3A through 8A

Which of the following has the lowest first ionization energy?
a) B
b) C
c) F
d) Li

Which of the following statements is true of alkali metals?
a) They easily lose a valence electron.
b) They are highly stable.
c) They do not easily lose valence electrons.
d) They do not readily conduct electricity.

Which element is the most abundant in the universe?
a) hydrogen
b) lithium
c) helium
d) oxygen

Alkali metals will lose electrons to form an ion that carries a charge of ________.
a) -2
b) -1
c) +1
d) +2

Which metal is the lightest?
a) aluminum
b) lithium
c) magnesium
d) boron

The most common sodium compound is ___.
a) sodium chloride
b) sodium nitrate
c) sodium hypochlorite
d) sodium phosphate

Which of the following alkali metals is an important human nutrient?
a) lithium
b) potassium
c) rubidium
d) cesium

All of the isotopes of _______ are radioactive.
a) lithium
b) potassium
c) rubidium
d) francium

What types of ions make water hard?
a) calcium and magnesium ions
b) potassium and sodium ions
c) aluminum and magnesium ions
d) hydrogen and calcium ions

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