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(QR30) What is the name of the common currency used by most EU members?
a) Dollar
b) Euro
c) Pound
d) Ruble

(RR7/QR30) Why does international trade require a system for exchanging currency?
a) Because all currencies have the same value.
b) Because everyone should know how much a dollar is worth
c) Because all currencies have different values, but the values never change.
d) Because most currencies have different values, which are always changing.

(QR30) What has the European Union done to encourage trade between its member countries?
a) Made a common currency
b) Made it easier to cross borders among its members
c) Did away with barriers, like quotas and tariffs
d) The EU has done all of these things

(QR30/RR7) What term is used to describe the type of money people use in a particular country or region?
a) credit
b) debt
c) currency
d) exchange

(QR30) What type of governmental system is used by the European Union?
a) Unitary
b) Confederation
c) Federal
d) Autocratic

(QR30) What is the purpose of the European Union?
a) to make tariffs and quotas
b) to spread capitalism
c) to encourage trade, economic cooperation, and peaceful relations among its member nations
d) to defend Europe against the powerful countries in Asia

(QR28) Which of the following accurately describes the USA / the Soviet Union in terms of the rights freedoms granted to citizens:
a) The US gave its citizens many rights/freedom, but the Soviet Union did not.
b) Both countries gave their citizens many rights and freedoms.
c) Neither country gave their citizens many rights/freedoms.
d) The Soviet Union gave its citizens many rights/freedom, but the US did not.

(QR29) Who built the Berlin Wall and Why?
a) West Germany to keep West Germans from escaping to the east
b) East Germany to East Germans from escaping to the west
c) NATO to stop the spread of communism
d) The Soviet Union to keep Western Europeans out

(QR28) During the Cold War, an imaginary wall divided communist Eastern Europe from capitalist Western Europe. It was called the _________________ ___________________________
a) Berlin Gate
b) Steel Wall
c) European Divide
d) Iron Curtain

(QR24-B/28) The Cold War is referred to by some historians as a “war of ideas.” What idea did the United States Union support?
a) Communism
b) Existentialism
c) Capitalism
d) Transcendentalism

(QR24-B/28) The Cold War is referred to by some historians as a “war of ideas.” What idea did the USSR/Soviet Union support?
a) Communism
b) Existentialism
c) Capitalism
d) Conservatism

(QR28-29) When did the Cold War take place?
a) between World War 1 and World War 2
b) after World War 2
c) before World War 1
d) It is taking place right now

(QR28) The Soviet Union had a one-party system, in which only one political party was able to hold power. Which of the following parties held power in the Soviet Union?
a) the Capitalist Party
b) the Republican Party
c) the Democratic Party
d) the Communist Party

(QR28) Which of the following two superpowers were the main enemies that opposed each other during the Cold War?
a) Poland and East Germany
b) West Germany and the United Kingdom
c) the United States and the Soviet Union
d) Ukraine and Russia

(RR7) Based on the following imaginary exchange rates (compared to 1USD/ $1.00), which of the following currencies is MORE VALUABLE than the US Dollar?
a) $1 / €1.35 (Euro)
b) $1 / ₹7.88 (Chinese Yen)
c) $1 / ₤0.66 (British Pound)
d) $1 / ₦14.08 (Norwegian Kronor)

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