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Which two things make up the setting of a story?
a) time and characters
b) time and place
c) place and characters
d) characters and plot

What is the plot of a story?
a) the main events of a story
b) the lesson of the story
c) the most exciting event in the story
d) the people in the story

What point of view is this: 'Susan went with them.'?
a) 1st person
b) 2nd person
c) 3rd person
d) 4th person

Which is NOT an element of plot?
a) setting
b) rising action
c) climax
d) exposition

What is the resolution in a story?
a) the problem
b) the solution to the problem
c) the most exciting event in the story
d) the plot

Which of the following is NOT an example of author's purpose?
a) Inform
b) Entertain
c) persuade
d) persevere

What is the protagonist in a story?
a) the main character
b) the time and place
c) the lesson in a story
d) the most exciting event

What element is this: the turning point in the story or the most exciting event in the story.
a) setting
b) plot
c) climax
d) point of view

What is the difference between mood and tone?
a) mood is how reader feels and tone is how author seems to feel
b) mood is how author seems to feel and tone is how the reader feels
c) mood is how everyone feels about the book and tone is the sound of the book
d) they are the same

Which part of the plot come right after the climax?
a) rising action
b) exposition
c) falling action
d) nothing

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