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This council was formed to address issues in the early Church community
a) Israel
b) Jerusalem
c) Trent
d) Howell

The first recorded persecutions of Christians was by this Emperor
a) Nero
b) Pilate
c) Caesar
d) Nemo

The sacred law of faith given to Moses by God
a) The Ten Commandments
b) Torah
c) leviticus
d) Exodus

The written and spoken beliefs passed down from the time of Jesus and the apostles
a) Scripture
b) Bible
c) Tradition

Bearing witness even unto death
a) martyrdom
b) scripture
c) tradition

The apostle who settled the dispute at the Council of Jerusalem
a) Paul
b) Peter
c) John
d) James

The place where the word Christian was first used
a) Jerusalem
b) Nazareth
c) Bethlehem
d) Antioch

Without this, Christianity may have died out
a) Holy Spirit
b) Faith
c) Hope
d) Love

The disciples knew the Holy Spirit descended upon them because of
a) a great wind and flood
b) fire and tornado
c) a great wind and tongues of fire resting upon their heads
d) rain and fire

The date when the Council of Jerusalem occured
a) 49
b) 41
c) 48
d) 50

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