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The Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples on this day
a) Easter
b) Pentecost
c) Resurrection
d) Ascension

The book of the New Testament that tells of the earliest days of the Church
a) Acts of the Apostles
b) Revelation
c) Gospel of Luke
d) Gospel of John

A disciple who was put to death for speaking blasphemous words against Moses and God
a) Luke
b) John
c) Paul
d) Stephen

The first Gospel to write the account of Jesus' life
a) Matthew
b) Mark
c) Luke
d) John

Letters to the early Christian community
a) Epistles
b) Genesis
c) Gospels
d) Revelations

The teaching authority of the pope and apostles
a) scripture
b) Bible
c) tradition
d) Magisterium

This disciple traveled far to preach
a) Peter
b) Paul
c) Luke
d) John

A word used for men whom we would call priests today
a) Gentiles
b) Non-Jews
c) Presbyters

The book in the Bible that calls believers to look forward with hope to eternal glory
a) Acts of the Apostles
b) Romans
c) Jude
d) Revelation

The last Gospel to be written
a) Matthew
b) Mark
c) Luke
d) John

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