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The benefit of diversification in your investments is
a) reduced risk
b) increased risk
c) increased return

__ will NOT give you the best (cheapest) deal on a purchase
a) being first in line for a new product
b) negotiating
c) shopping around to find the best deal

Which of the following is typically NOT a good place to find a deal?
a) mall
b) estate sales
c) consignment shops

With which technique will you most likely hear I have to check with my manager?
a) good boy, bad boy
b) that's not good enough
c) if i take away

The ___ IRA grows tax-free (you have already paid taxes on it)
a) roth
b) life insurance
c) 401k

Which of the following is NOT a retirement account?
a) 408s
b) 457
c) 401k

Which of the following is a good investment?
a) mutual funds
b) gold
c) vaticals

How a person wishes their property to be distributed after their death is in a
a) will
b) legacy
c) an estate

When married couples do not share goals and values in how they manage money ,which of the following occur
a) divorce
b) friendship
c) happiness

Driving an older car, getting good grades, and shopping around will
a) lower your insurance
b) increase your insurance
c) have no effect on your insurance

The number one cause of divorce in America is money
a) fights
b) management
c) agreements

A person becomes self insured after
a) their kids are grown, they have no debt, and they have a fully funded retirement
b) they have no debt
c) they own their business

With an emergency fund of $500 or more, ___ would not be a huge financial risk and not require insurance to recover
a) losing your cell phone
b) medical emergency
c) car accident

For women, the ___ is the most important key to financial security
a) envelope system
b) job promotion
c) emergency fund

The flow of money in a family represents the ___ under which the family operates
a) value system
b) security
c) income level

When women go shopping they
a) enjoy the process of looking and trying on and hunting for a great deal
b) want to find a good deal by negotiating

When men go shopping they
a) want to win by getting the deal and negotiating
b) enjoy the process of looking at different items

If you value security, you are more likely to ,
a) save money
b) spend money
c) make impulse buys

The fifth foundation is build wealth and
a) give
b) save
c) stay out of debt

What percentage of American households give to charity
a) 65%
b) 100%
c) 5%

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