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Voting in an election is an example of which duty?
a) Common good
b) Civic Participation
c) Popular Sovereignty
d) Social Contract

First created in 776 BCE… athletic competitions held to honor Zeus
a) Greek Contests
b) PanAthenic Games
c) Olympic Games
d) Peloponnesian Contests

Theatrical ideas from ancient Greece:
a) Bowl shaped theaters
b) Comedies
c) Special Effects
d) All answers are correct

What is the symbol that tells direction on a map?
a) Legend
b) Compass Rose
c) Coordinate Guage
d) Scale

A system of imaginary lines that tell exact location on a map.
a) Coordinate system
b) Latitude and Longitude
c) Hemispheric Lines
d) Scale

What is the idea that citizens must give up some individual freedoms in exchange for the protection of being a part of a society?
a) Common Good
b) Popular Sovereignty
c) Social Contract Theory
d) Civic Participation

What was the most important outcome of the Agricultural Revolution?
a) A stable food supply
b) Domesticated animals
c) Nomadic Maps
d) Tools

What was the writing system used in Ancient Egypt?
a) Cunieform
b) Hieroglyphics
c) Alphabeta
d) Rosetta

Who was the pharaoh who was a famous military leader and who built Abu Simbel
a) Ramses
b) Hatshepsut
c) Khufu
d) Senurset

Who was the Macedonian leader who spread Greek ideas when he tried to conquer the world?
a) Pericles
b) Aristotle
c) Alexander the Great
d) Homer

What was the writing system used by ancient Mesopotamians?
a) Cunieform
b) Hieroglyphics
c) Sanskrita
d) Alphabeta

What was the ancient Egyptian instructions of how to get to the afterlife
a) Khufu's Guide
b) Egyptian Bible
c) Book of the Dead
d) Geographia

What was the war in which the Athenians and Spartans allied together to defeat a common enemy?
a) Persian War
b) Pelopponessian War
c) Pericles War
d) Trojan War

What was the land area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers where some of the earliest settlements arose
a) Egypt
b) Greece
c) Indus
d) Mesopotamia

How did people in the Paleolithic Age (Old Stone Age) get food?
a) Farmed and raised livestock
b) Hunted for animals and searched for edible plants
c) Trade with other civilizations
d) Created a complex system

What is a secondary source?
a) A source from the actual time period
b) A photocopy of a primary source
c) A source that analyzes and interprets primary sources such as textbooks.
d) The second oldest source

What change marked the start of the Neolithic Age (New Stone Age) , in 8000 B.C.E?
a) Domesticated animals
b) Agriculture
c) Writing
d) Tools

Which social scientist examines objects to learn about how people lived?
a) Geographer
b) Astronomist
c) Archaeologist
d) Cartographer

In Egypt and other ancient civilizations, what is the person called who writes for a living?
a) An author
b) A scribe
c) A glyphist
d) A noble

What is command?
a) Working together
b) Using laws to create order.
c) Every man for himself
d) Being told what to do

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