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Carol survived her freshman year despite various adverse events. For instance, she missed two weeks of class because of strep throat. adverse means
a) unfavorable
b) evil
c) fortunate
d) pleasant

I have seen such poignant scenes as a homeless man caring for a little dog and a woman in a slum growing flowers in a patch of soil. poignant means
a) exciting
b) touching
c) colorful
d) disgusting

Which two words would be found on the dictionary page with guidewords clutter/coax
a) cobbler cobweb
b) coachman coaster
c) cluster cobweb

In The Gift of the magi, how does the author hint at, or foreshadow, the surprise ending?
a) He describes Della as reckless, so readers are prepared for the sale of her hair.
b) He shows the depth of Della and Jim's love, which makes their sacrifice believable.
c) He shows how often Jim has reminded Della that he wants a new fob and chain for his watch.
d) He shows how Della has always wanted to try a new, more modern hairstyle

In The gift of the Magi, what does Jim's reaction to Della's gift reveal about his character?
a) He is hot-tempered
b) He is unappreciative
c) He is disapproving
d) He is forgiving

In The Gift of the Magi, Jim and Della experience a contrast between what they expect to happen and what actually happens. What is the term for this type of contrast?
a) an inference
b) situational irony
c) parallelism
d) humor

When Jim first sees Della's haircut in The Gift of the Magi, why does he have a peculiar expression on his face?
a) He is angry with her for cutting her hair.
b) He is confused about what makes her look different.
c) He realizes that the combs he bought for her are useless.
d) He thinks that she is very unattractive.

What inference can you draw about Della from the following passage from The Gift of the Magi? Pennies saved one and two at a time by bulldozing the grocer and the vegetable man until one's cheeks burned with the silent imputation of parsimony
a) She was very stingy and hated to go shopping.
b) She tried to save every cent she could from her very tight budget
c) She chose her groceries carefully and enjoyed arguing with storekeepers.
d) She did not like to be overcharged for groceries.

In The Gift of the Magi, what does the narrator mean in saying that, Life is made up of sobs, sniffles, and smiles, with sniffles predominating?
a) Life is full of small sad moments
b) Della cries too much
c) People often get sick
d) Women express their emotions openly

In the beginning of The Gift of the Magi, what is Della's problem?
a) She wants to buy Jim a gift but has very little money.
b) She wants to know how to deal with Jim's reactions.
c) She wants to move to a new apartment but cannot afford it.
d) She wants to return the watch fob chain she bought for Jim.

Where and when does The Gift of the Magi take place?
a) an american city in the present
b) a small town in France in about 1900
c) on the U.S.-Mexican border in about 1950
d) an American city in about 1905

Point - Mel's new restaurant has a good chance of succeeding. What is support?
a) Another restaurant at the same location did not do well.
b) The menu offers delicious dishes at reasonable prices.
c) The weekly specials at the restaurant change every Thursday.

Point - Planting a garden in that vacant lot might benefit the neighborhood. What is support?
a) Farming was one of the earliest activities of civilization.
b) There are many types of plants that could be planted in this climate
c) Planting a garden might bring young and old people together, making the community stronger.

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