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On your first day on the job you should dress
a) Fromally to gain attention
b) dress for the job
c) t-shirt and shorts
d) flip flops, sweat pants, and hoodie

When you meet others the first day
a) say hi and move on
b) five a firm handshake and make eye contact
c) dont say anything just keep walking
d) act like their best friend

You should take
a) no breaks
b) many breaks
c) only allotted breaks
d) a break every 5 mins

An employee handbook is provided in
a) the library
b) the workroom
c) no where
d) all workplaces

Reading safety precautions may prevent you from
a) getting injured
b) being hired
c) getting a promotion
d) recieving complaints

Handbook is the same as
a) judgement
b) manual

Grievance is the same as
a) complaint
b) help

Assistance is another way of saying
a) go away
b) feed me
c) help

Gross pay is the total amount you make
a) before deductions
b) after deductions

Net pay is
a) salary you mkae
b) take home pay

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