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A deep oceanic trench is found...
a) at mid-ocean ridges
b) at subduction zones
c) at transform boundaries
d) all of the above

Which best defines the lithosphere?
a) the rigid, rocky, outermost layer of earth
b) a rocky layer within the mantle
c) a rocky layer in the mantle capable of flowing
d) the outer, liquid portion of the earth's core

Volcanic activity is associated with
a) all convergent boundaries
b) all transform boundaries
c) divergent boundaries
d) all types of plate boundaries

Which of the following is at a convergent boundary where 2 plates carrying continental lithosphere are colliding?
a) the Appalachain mountains
b) the Himalaya mountains
c) the Andes mountains
d) the Rocky mountains

Going from earth's surface to the interior, what trends are found?
a) density and temperature increase
b) density and temperature decrease
c) density increases and temperature decreases
d) temperature increases and density decreases

The islands of Japan lie at a
a) convergent boundary where there is no subduction
b) divergent boundary
c) convergent boundary where oceanic lithosphere is being subducted
d) transform boundary

The most distinctive property of the asthenosphere is
a) its high density
b) its high temperature
c) that it is in the liquid state
d) its ability to flow rather easily

The earth's core is made primarily of
a) sulfur and nickel
b) iron-magnesium silicate minerals
c) iron
d) carbon

A divergent boundary could be recognized by
a) a volcanic island arc
b) a high mountain belt
c) a rift valley
d) all of the above

What is the name of the Mesozoic supercontinent that consisted of all of the present continents?
a) Pangaea
b) Eurasia
c) Gondwanaland
d) Laurasia

Which of the following is not a divergent plate boundary?
a) the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
b) the East Pacific Rise
c) the Great Rift Valley of East Africa
d) the San Andreas fault

The Hawaiian Islands formed at a _________ .
a) convergent boundary
b) divergent boundary
c) transform boundary
d) none of these

If the Atlantic Ocean is widening at a rate of 3 cm per year how far (in kilometers) will it spread in a million years?
a) 300 kilometers
b) 30 miles
c) 30 kilometers
d) 3 kilometers

One remarkable realization associated with the discovery of seafloor spreading was that _____________
a) the rotational poles of the Earth have migrated
b) the crust of the continents is more dense than the crust of the ocean
c) the crust of the oceans is very young relative to the age of the crust of the continents
d) mountains are more dense than then mantle

I once saw a bumper sticker that said Reunite Gondwanaland. Which of the following would not be part of this reconstruction?
a) Antacrtica
b) Australia
c) India south of the Himayala
d) North America

Volcanic island arcs are associated with __________
a) ocean-continent convergent plate boundaries
b) ocean-ocean convergent plate boundaries
c) divergent plate boundaries
d) transform plate boundaries

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