Genetics Question Preview (ID: 22916)

DNA, Traits.

What tool is used to determine the probability of offspring genotypes and phenotypes?
a) ladder
b) hammer
c) microscope
d) punnett square

What does phenotype mean?
a) physical feature
b) genetic combination
c) allele pairs
d) homozygous

What does heterozygous mean?
a) same
b) different
c) allele
d) DNA

Segments of DNA are called
a) traits
b) alleles
c) bases
d) genes

The language you speak is what type of trait?
a) physical
b) environmental
c) inherited
d) chromosomal

Human cells have how many chromosomes in them?
a) 1
b) 23
c) 46
d) impossible to tell

Where in a cell are chromosomes located?
a) cytoplasm
b) nucleus
c) vacuole
d) cell membrane

Eye color is an example of an
a) genetical trait
b) environmental trait
c) inherited trait
d) none of the above

People inherit traits from
a) offspring
b) siblings
c) parents
d) all of the above

A notable feature or quality is a
a) chromosome
b) base
c) allele
d) trait

Two types of traits are
a) inherited and environmental
b) genetical and environmental
c) physique and inherited
d) all of the above

How do the DNA bases pair up?
a) CT, AG
b) AT, CG
c) CG, TC
d) TA, CA

DNA is made of four bases. What letters represent the bases?

What does DNA stand for?
a) detoxyribonucleic acid
b) deoxyribonucleic acid
c) deoxyribbonucleic acid
d) deoxygenucleic acid

What shape is DNA?
a) strand
b) single helix
c) long
d) double helix

What type of letter represents a dominant allele?
a) lower case
b) upper case
c) A, T, C, or G
d) any type of letter

What does homozygous mean?
a) same
b) different
c) allele
d) phenotype

Which of the following is an example of a heterozygous genotype?
a) GG
b) Gg
c) gg
d) GG, gg

Which of the following is an example of a homozygous recessive genotype?
a) GG
b) Gg
c) gg
d) GG, gg

What happens when bases don't match up correctly?
a) alleles
b) genotypes
c) mutations
d) traits

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