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The primary goal of the AmericanTemperance Society was to
a) ban the spread of slavery to new territories
b) decrease the consumption of alcohol
c) gain the release of mentally ill people from prisons
d) create a self-sufficient utopian society

Patrick Henry opposed ratifying the U.S. Constitution because he believed that under it—
a) the states would surrender too much power to the federal government
b) alliances could not be formed with other countries
c) the courts would not be able to hold government officials accountable
d) individuals would exercise too much power over the federal government

Which of these was an effect of the Industrial Revolution on U.S. women in the early nineteenth century?
a) Women in unions gained bargaining power with employers.
b) The government passed laws to improve safety for women in the workplace.
c) Women seeking work migrated from rural communities to cities.
d) State governments called conventions in support of women’s suffrage.

Which of the following was a result of the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854?
a) Fighting broke out between pro-slavery and anti-slavery groups in Kansas.
b) Kansas entered the Union as a slave state through popular sovereignty in 1856.
c) Nebraskan settlers who supported abolition moved to Kansas.
d) The boundary established by the Missouri Compromise of 1820 was extended farther south.

Which precedent was established by the Supreme Court ruling in Marbury v.Madison?
a) The federal government has the power to regulate trade among the states.
b) State governments lack the authority to regulate federal bureaus.
c) Federal courts determine then constitutionality of a law.
d) State courts lack the authority to hear cases challenging federal law.

After General Robert E. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Court House, the main priority of the United States was to —
a) elect a new president and vice president
b) complete construction of the Capitol
c) Establish union forts in the former Confederate states
d) Implement a plan to bring the Confederate states back to the Union

In 1787 the United States was at a crossroads. Farmers in western Massachusetts had rebelled the year before over property taxes. The state struggled to end the rebellion. Events such as this one contributed to the decision to —
a) sign the Treaty of Paris
b) repeal the Intolerable Acts
c) declare an embargo on imported goods
d) restructure the federal government

How did the development of the factory system encourage urbanization?
a) Manufacturers produced goods to export overseas.
b) Labor unions were formed to protect mill workers.
c) Workers moved closer to manufacturing centers.
d) Industrialists invested in cotton plantations.

After the War of 1812, thousands of settlers moved to the western frontiers of the U.S in search of farming and business opportunities. In response, the government began building roads. This transportation network was intended to --
a) promote the free-enterprise system
b) establish federal control over industry
c) discourage the organization of new territories
d) prevent border disputes between states

The introduction of interchangeable parts led directly to the —
a) formation of the patent system
b) creation of labor unions
c) use of mass-production techniques
d) The 8 hour work day

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