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Why was the National Urban League formed in 1910?
a) to tear down tenements and replace them with skyscrapers
b) to help African Americans who lived in cities to create parks in the middle of neighborhood
c) to help African Americas who lived in cities
d) to provide better schools for the children of immigrants

What did Governor La Follette do to improve workplace conditions?
a) wrote newspaper stories about dangerous working conditions
b) encouraged factory workers to form unions and go on strike
c) ordered employers to obey laws against hiring children
d) supported laws limiting the workday to ten hours

What did Henry Ford do to make his cars less expensive?
a) he built a car called the Model Z
b) he built cars on the assembly line
c) he lowered workers' wages
d) he increased workers' hours

What did the Seventeenth Amendment to the United States Constitution accomplish?
a) all voters to elect United States senators directly
b) established a system of national parks
c) outlawed child labor in the United States
d) established a ta on people's income

How did the spread of electricity in the early 1900s changed American life?
a) it forced people to shop in department stores
b) it eliminated the need to plant, care for, and harvest crops
c) it decreased interest in reading newspapers
d) it shortened the time it took to do household chores

What are Wilbur and Orville Wright known for?
a) building a machine in which people could fly
b) developed a system of mass production using an assembly line
c) ovecoming difficult problems in building the Panam Canal
d) oepening the nation's first shopping mall

What is present in a work of fiction that is not present in a documentary source?
a) exciting descriptions
b) quotes from letters
c) made-up details or people
d) accounts of real events

What did Theodore Roosevelt accomplish as President?
a) defeating a Spanish army in Cuba
b) leading the nation in the Spanish-American War
c) winning a great naval victory over Spain in the Philippines
d) building the Panama Canal

What event caused Congress to declare war on Spain in 1897?
a) a revolt against Spanish rule in Cuba
b) the destruction of the United States battleship the Maine
c) Spain's attack on a US warship in the Philippines
d) Spain's refusal to sell Cuba to the United States

Which of these places did the USA gain control of after winning the Spanish-American War?
a) the Hawaiian Islands
b) the Dominican Republic
c) the Philippines
d) the Bahamas

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