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Landslides and creeps are examples of
a) runoff
b) mass movement
c) chemical weathering
d) streams

A stream that runs into a larger stream or river
a) meander
b) oxbow lake
c) tributary
d) gully

What type of energy erodes a river bank?
a) potential energy
b) kinetic energy
c) gravitational energy
d) turbulent energy

What type of sediment is deposited first when a stream slows down?
a) gravel
b) sand
c) clay
d) silt

What causes glacier to form?
a) It snows more than it rains
b) It snows a lot
c) It snows more than it melts
d) It's just really cold

As a wave passes in the water, what happens to the water molecules?
a) They travel with the wave
b) They swirl
c) They move backward
d) They move up and down, but not forward

The erosion of sediment by wind is
a) abrasion
b) deflation
c) plucking
d) loess

The movement of sediment is called
a) weathering
b) deposition
c) erosion
d) abrasion

The more water flowing in a river the
a) faster the river will flow
b) slower the river will flow
c) more fish you'll find

The smallest particle of sediment is
a) silt
b) gravel
c) clay
d) sand

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