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Questions From The Book, Energy For Keeps: Creating Clean Electricity From Renewable Resources.

Heat from the earth is obtained by all EXCEPT
a) Gathering lava from volcanoes to boil water
b) Drilling wells to bring hot water to the surface
c) Pump hot spring water into homes and businesses
d) Steam from high pressure underground turns turbines

Which is NOT a type of geothermal power plant?
a) Flash Steam power plant
b) Dry Steam power plant
c) Binary power plant
d) Geomoderator power plant

Which process uses moderate temperature water to heat up another liquid?
a) Flash Power plant
b) Binary power plant
c) Dry Steam power plant
d) Geomoderator power plant

Heat exchangers:
a) Send warm water back into reservoirs after being used
b) Transfer heat from a hot water to a liquid with a lower boiling point to create steam
c) Pump cooler water into heated reservoirs to force hot to the surface

Where is the highest geothermal plant found?
a) Afghanistan/Pakistan border
b) India/Nepal border
c) Tibet, China

What country produces the most geothermal energy?
a) United States
b) China
c) India
d) Russia

After geothermal plants use the warm water they:
a) Put into a man-made lake
b) Pump it back into the reservoir
c) Let it soak back into the ground
d) Send into the nearest city water system

Which states do NOT currently have geothermal power plants?
a) California, Nevada, Utah
b) New Mexico, Hawaii, Idaho
c) Wyoming, Alaska, Oregon
d) Michigan, New York, Vermont

Which US state has the most geothermal power plants?
a) Wyoming
b) California
c) Alaska
d) Nevada

What country had the first Geothermal power plant?
a) China
b) Japan
c) Italy
d) Philippines

What country is the second largest user of geothermal electricity in the world?
a) Philippines
b) Indonesia
c) China
d) Mexico

The countries along the Ring of Fire are NOT:
a) Prone to earthquakes and volcanoes
b) Some of the best geothermal resources in the world
c) On or near the boundaries of tectonic plates
d) All in the Northern Hemisphere

Enhanced Geothermal Systems uses
a) volanic areas
b) hot dry rock
c) lava pools
d) icy areas

A country NOT along the Ring of Fire is:
a) Japan
b) United States
c) Greenland
d) Canada

What area has hot springs occasionally bubble up into their homes?
a) Greenland
b) Iceland
c) California
d) Indonesia

Which is true of Geothermal plants?
a) produce no smoke
b) take up a lot of space
c) disrupt ecosystems
d) cause major earthquakes

Which is NOT true?
a) Geothermal water contains dissolved minearls and salts.
b) Most geothermal reservoirs contain dissolved gases that smell bad.
c) Geothermal plants can only run a few hours a day.
d) Enhanced geothermal systms can cause small earthquakes.

Geothermal experts have identified how many countries that could be powered 100% by geothermal energy?
a) 12
b) 39
c) 7
d) 100

Geothermal wells can be how deep?
a) Over 2 miles
b) Almost 1 mile
c) About 1/2 mile
d) Almost 5 miles

True or False? Turbine generators can operate 24 hours a day?
a) True
b) False

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