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Why is it important that you have a lawyer if you are accused of a crime?
a) It's not important to have a lawyer represent you in any way.
b) Because the legal system is simple and easy to understand.
c) So lawyers can earn enough money to pay back their school loans.
d) The law is complicated and hard for common people to understand.

What happens if you can't afford a lawyer?
a) The court forces you to defend yourself
b) You have to borrow money for one
c) The court gives you a free one to defend you
d) None of these

What two things does the Constitution guarantee to everyone accused of a crime?
a) Free healthcare and a bed in prison
b) A good lawyer and a job
c) Right to remain silent and freedom to do anything you want
d) Right to a public trial and a lawyer

What is the goal of legal system of the United States?
a) To treat everyone the same
b) To punish people who didn't do anything wrong
c) To treat everyone differently
d) To make sure cops get away with everything

What is the purpose (role) of the judicial branch of the federal government?
a) To enforce the laws of our nation
b) To settle civil disputes and decide the guilt or innocence of people accused of crimes
c) To write the laws of our nation
d) To unfairly punish people

Why are executive orders controversial?
a) Because they are written to help people who donate to Presidential campaigns.
b) Because they are similar to writing laws, which only the Congress can do.
c) Because the Congress doesn't have the power to use them.
d) All of these reasons.

Why does the President have the power to write executive orders?
a) To balance out the Supreme Court's power to judge laws
b) To help the President check the power of Congress
c) To help enforce and make sure the laws Congress passed are properly followed
d) Because no one actually reads these answers

Why are people usually so upset with the President?
a) Because (s)he always lies to the people.
b) Because (s)he is so much more wealthy than the people.
c) Because (s)he only cares about his/her self.
d) Because people think (s)he has more power than (s)he actually does

When the President directs/creates foreign policy for the country (s)he is fulfilling which role of the Presidency?
a) Commander-in-Chief
b) Party Leader
c) Economic Leader
d) Chief Diplomat

When the President works to make sure the laws of the country are enforced (s)he is fulfilling which role of the Presidency?
a) Party Leader
b) Chief Executive
c) Economic Leader
d) Commander-in-Chief

When the President suggests laws to Congress (s)he is fulfilling which role of the Presidency?
a) Chief Executive
b) Commander-in-chief
c) Legislative Leader
d) Party Leader

Ultimately, who is the boss of Congress?
a) The President
b) The Vice President
c) Their constituents
d) Lobbysists

Where does most of the work get done in Congress?
a) The committees
b) The Senate
c) The House
d) The districts

Which is not something Congress does?
a) Decides the meaning of laws
b) Writing bills
c) Casework
d) Helping their constituents

How many members are in the Senate?
a) 100
b) 435
c) 535
d) 600

How many representatives are there in the House of the Represenatives?
a) 100
b) 435
c) 535
d) 600

Who has the power to declare war?
a) The President
b) The Supreme Court
c) The Congress
d) The States

Which religion is the official religion of America?
a) Christianity
b) Judaism
c) Islam
d) There is none

How many parts are there to Congress?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Define jurisdiction.
a) The blueprint for how our government is set up.
b) The right to review a court's decision.
c) The place where court cases start.
d) The authority to hear a case and make decisions on it

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