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The colonization of Africa in the 1800s
a) Industrialism
b) Imperialism
c) Capitalism
d) Laissez-Faire

Rudyard Kipling's book which stated it was the west's duty to colonize the east.
a) The White Man's Burden
b) The Communist Manifesto
c) The White Man's Manifesto
d) The Communist Burden

Which country became part of the British Empire after the Sepoy Rebellion?
a) South Africa
b) Japan
c) China
d) India

This person sent the US Navy to Japan to force them to sign a treaty to open their borders.
a) Matthew Perry
b) Oliver Hazzard Perry
c) James Watt
d) Samuel Compton

Japan started to industrialize quickly so they wouldn't be taken over again.
a) The Meiji Restoration
b) The Opium Wars
c) The Zulu Wars
d) The Boer Wars

Areas where the western powers have economic rights in China
a) Spheres of Influence
b) Circle of Influence
c) Area of Influence
d) Dominion of Influence

The ___________ Conference set rules for the division of Africa in 1884-1885.
a) Paris
b) Vienna
c) Berlin
d) Moscow

The Boers were _________ settlers in South Africa
a) French
b) German
c) Dutch
d) British

Shaka __________ led the black South African attacks against the Boers
a) Kahn
b) Zulu
c) Shakur
d) Mustafa

Who did the Zulus fight to try to keep their independence in the Zulu Wars?
a) British
b) French
c) Prussians
d) Germans

What was the Jewel of the Crown?
a) China
b) Japan
c) India
d) South Africa

The __________ Rebellion started in China so nobody would live in poverty.
a) Taiping
b) Boxer
c) Boer
d) Meiji

The _________ Rebellion tried to rid China of foreign influence
a) Boxer
b) Taiping
c) Boer
d) Meiji

The _______________ War was fought between China and Japan in which Japan gained Korea.
a) Sino-Chinese
b) Sino-Japanese
c) Russo-Japanese
d) Chino-Japan

The __________ War was between Russia and Japan where Russia tried and failed to get Korea
a) Russo-Japanese
b) Sino-Japanese
c) Russo-Prussian War
d) Austro-Russo War

The Monroe Doctrine state that _____________ were/was of limits to European Colonization.
a) The Maldives
b) New Zealand
c) Europe
d) The Americas

The Roosevelt Corollary stated that the US was the police power in the ___________ Hemisphere
a) Northern
b) Southern
c) Eastern
d) Western

______________ Journalism used sensational and competitive headlines.
a) White
b) Black
c) Green
d) Yellow

The US purpose of the Spanish-American War was for __________'s independence. Guantanamo Bay is also found here.
a) India
b) Japan
c) China
d) Cuba

The USS ____________ was blown up by Spain which led to the start of the Spanish-American War
a) Maine
b) Sarejavo
c) Massachusetts
d) Abraham Lincoln

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