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The day that income tax filings are due in the US is
a) April 15
b) January 1
c) December 1
d) June 15

When it comes to mentoring, you should not
a) find and keep a single mentor
b) choose wisely
c) follow through and act on what you've learned
d) continue the mentoring cycle by one day becoming a mentor yourself

The Fifth Foundation if Build Wealth and
a) Give
b) Stay out of debt
c) Keep it all yourself
d) Save

Which of the following should not be a major consideration when it comes to selecting your career
a) what your parents think you should do
b) what you are naturally good at
c) what you are passionate about
d) what your interests are

During your first interview within a company, you should not
a) ask about salary
b) bring extra copies of your resume
c) be personable and try to connect with the interviewer
d) show interest and be enthusiastic

Smart donors support their favorite charities
a) long term
b) short term and then move on to other charities
c) it is unusual for a donor to have a favorite charity
d) once a year

Sales tax and excise tax are both taxes on
a) consumption
b) property
c) income
d) wealth

Which of the following are characteristics of an effective personal goal
a) it should be measurable and specific
b) it should be vague
c) it should be easy to accomplish
d) it should be determined by your friends or parents

When a company hires you, you will fit out a __ form which is the basis for determining how much income tax should be withheld from your paycheck
a) W4
b) W10
c) W2
d) W5

Which of the following statements if false
a) giving to others should always be in the form of money
b) before you can truly help others, you have to know what is really important to you
c) despite what our culture says, you are unique
d) knowing what you value will help you select a charitable organization to serve

The tax that pays for benefits that workers and families receive for either Social Security or Medicare is
a) Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA)
b) excise tax
c) sales tax
d) state income tax

The Internal Revenue (IRS) is the federal government agency responsible for
a) tax collection and tax law enforcement
b) writing tax laws
c) filling out your tax forms
d) keeping the unemployment rate low

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