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In what way are photosynthesis and cellular respiration similar?
a) They both occur in chloroplasts.
b) They both require sunlight.
c) They both involve organic and inorganic molecules.
d) They both require oxygen and produce carbon dioxide.

To increase chances for a successful organ transplant, the person receiving the organ should be given special medications. The purpose of these medications is to
a) increase the immune response in the person receiving the transplant
b) decrease the immune response in the person receiving the transplant
c) decrease mutations in the person receiving the transplant
d) increase mutations in the person receiving the transplant

A volcanic eruption destroyed a forest, covering the soil with volcanic ash. For many years, only small plants could grow. Slowly, soil formed in which shrubs and trees could grow. These changes are an example of
a) manipulation of genes
b) evolution of a species
c) ecological succession
d) equilibrium

In an ecosystem, the growth and survival of organisms are dependent on the availability of the energy from the Sun. This energy is available to organisms in the ecosystem because
a) producers have the ability to store energy from light in organic molecules
b) consumers have the ability to transfer chemical energy stored in bonds to plants
c) all organisms in a food web have the ability to use light energy
d) all organisms in a food web feed on autotrophs

A major reason that humans can have such a significant impact on an ecological community is that humans
a) reproduce faster than most other species
b) are able to increase the amount of finite resources available
c) can modify their environment through technology
d) remove large amounts of carbon dioxide from the air

Which factor has the greatest influence on the type of ecosystem that will form in a particular geographic area?
a) genetic variations in the animals
b) climate conditions
c) number of carnivores
d) percentage of nitrogen gas in the atmosphere

Rabbits are herbivores that are not native to Australia. Their numbers have increased steadily since being introduced into Australia by European settlers. One likely reason the rabbit population was able to grow so large is that the rabbits
a) were able to prey on native herbivores
b) reproduced more slowly than the native animals
c) successfully competed with native herbivores for food
d) could interbreed with the native animals

In preparation for an electrophoresis procedure, enzymes are added to DNA in order to
a) convert the DNA into gel
b) cut DNA into fragments
c) change the color of the DNA
d) produce longer sections of DNA

Paper chromatography is a laboratory technique that is used to
a) separate different molecules from one another
b) stain cell organelles
c) indicate the pH of a substance
d) compare relative cell sizes

A marathon runner frequently experiences muscle cramps while running. If he stops running and rests, the cramps eventually go away. The cramping in the muscles most likely results from
a) lack of adequate oxygen supply to the muscle
b) the runner running too slowly
c) the runner warming up before running
d) increased glucose production in the muscle

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