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Campaign finance reform is 
a) an effort to limit the amount of money that can be contributed to politicians.
b) an effort to increase the amount of money that can be contributed to politicians.
c) a movement to admit Puerto Rico as the 51st state.
d) a movement to give national committees all donations for popular politicians.

A PAC can best be defined as a 
a) Political Action Congress.
b) Partisan Action Committee.
c) Political Alibi Commission.
d) Political Action Committee.

All are functions of PACs except 
a) donate large sums of money to their preferred candidate
b) run television ads about their preferred candidate
c) campaign for their preferred candidate
d) nominate and recruit their political candidate

When a TV station provides free commercials to only one particular candidate, the station is showing -
a) propaganda in hopes of influencing voters.
b) a biased perspective.
c) their personal relationship with the candidate.
d) this candidate’s spot simply to fill air time.

The media play a very important role in the political process of elections. They help -
a) to select candidates that will be popular with voters.
b) highlight campaign issues and community concerns.
c) by broadcasting their preferred point of view.
d) by broadcasting jokes or publishing cartoons.

In what way can the news media impact an election?
a) They do not have an impact on an election.
b) Identify the candidate and broadcast different views to inform the public.
c) They can decline to put politics on the broadcast.
d) They can tell you which candidate to choose.

Which can have the most impact on a political election?
a) the church
b) the mass media
c) political action committees
d) campaign speeches

In order to identify differences between the political parties, one must -
a) participate actively in a campaign with only one party.
b) attend Republican Party meetings.
c) discuss politics regularly with your neighbor.
d) listen to both political party platforms.

When politicians run for office, all political parties have common goals. All are common goals except 
a) organize to win.
b) reflect views that appeal to the majority of voters.
c) influence public opinion.
d) support extreme liberal or conservative views.

When a third party candidate enters a Presidential race, what may occur?
a) New ideas and issues are introduced creating public interest and discussion.
b) One or both primary candidates drop from the presidential race.
c) The citizens and media ignore the third party candidate.
d) Congress writes legislation to remove the third party candidate from the election.

One must listen to both political party platforms in order to -
a) attend party meetings.
b) identify differences between the parties.
c) discuss politics regularly with one’s neighbors.
d) influence the opinion of others.

The primary role of a third party is to -
a) keep the best candidate from winning.
b) inform the public about the shortcomings of the other parties.
c) highlight an outstanding candidate in order to gain name recognition for the next election.
d) introduce new ideas or to push for a particular issue.

The American political system is best described as a -
a) one-party system.
b) two-party system.
c) three-party system.
d) multi-party system.

5Political parties in the United States work to do all of the following except -
a) organize resources to win elections.
b) promote their views to the general public.
c) influence government policies.
d) change the ideals of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Nominating candidates for public office is the main function of -
a) the executive branch.
b) Congress.
c) political parties.
d) campaign volunteers.

Political parties play a key role in government and provide opportunities for citizens to do all except 
a) broadcast both parties points of views.
b) recruit and nominate candidates.
c) educate the electorate about campaign issues.
d) help candidates win elections.

When it comes to nominating a person for the office of President -
a) the Constitution of the United States of America gives specific nominating guidelines.
b) the candidate is nominated through their political party.
c) the candidate can write their name on a ballot and put it in a ballot box.
d) the candidate is selected by Congress.

What encourages the development of PACs
a) increasing number of presidential candidates
b) rising campaign costs
c) lowering cost of TV advertising
d) lack of political party job opportunities

Which would disqualify a person from voting in the Commonwealth of Virginia?
a) living in Virginia for 3 years
b) being a United States citizen
c) having a conviction for a misdemeanor
d) being 17 years old

In Virginia one must register at least 22 days before Election Day in order to -
a) get your name on the ballot as a candidate.
b) perform your civic duty.
c) be able to vote in the election.
d) be considered a resident of Virginia.

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