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Certain poisons are toxic to organisms because they interfere with the function of enzymes in mitochondria. This results directly in the inability of the cell to
a) store information
b) build proteins
c) release energy from nutrients
d) dispose of metabolic wastes

A stable pond ecosystem would not contain
a) materials being cycled
b) oxygen
c) decomposers
d) more consumers than producers

At warm temperatures, a certain bread mold can often be seen growing on bread as a dark-colored mass. The same bread mold growing on bread in a cooler environment is red in color. Which statement most accurately describes why this change in the color
a) Gene expression can be modified by inter - actions with the environment.
b) Every organism has a different set of coded instructions.
c) The DNA was altered in response to an environmental condition.
d) There is no replication of genetic material in the cooler environment.

Although all of the cells of a human develop from one fertilized egg, the human is born with many different types of cells. Which statement best explains this observation?
a) Developing cells may express different parts of their identical genetic instructions.
b) Mutations occur during development as a result of environmental conditions.
c) All cells have different genetic material.
d) Some cells develop before other cells

Asexually reproducing organisms pass on hereditary information as
a) sequences of A, T, C, and G
b) chains of complex amino acids
c) folded protein molecules
d) simple inorganic sugars

Humans require organ systems to carry out life processes. Single-celled organisms do not have organ systems and yet they are able to carry out life processes. This is because
a) human organ systems lack the organelles found in single-celled organisms
b) a human cell is more efficient than the cell of a single-celled organism
c) it is not necessary for single-celled organisms to maintain homeostasis
d) organelles present in single-celled organisms act in a manner similar to organ systems

Certain insects resemble the bark of the trees on which they live. Which statement provides a possible biological explanation for this resemblance?
a) The insects needed camouflage so they developed protective coloration
b) Natural selection played a role in the development of this protective coloration.
c) The lack of mutations resulted in the protective coloration.
d) The trees caused mutations in the insects that resulted in protective coloration.

Kangaroos are mammals that lack a placenta. Therefore, they must have an alternate way of supplying the developing embryo with
a) nutrients
b) carbon dioxide
c) enzymes
d) genetic information

When is extinction of a species most likely to occur?
a) when environmental conditions remain the same and the proportion of individuals within the species that lack adaptive traits
b) when environmental conditions remain the same and the proportion of individuals within the species that possess adaptive trai
c) when environmental conditions change and the adaptive traits of the species favor the survival and reproduction of some of it
d) when environmental conditions change and the members of the species lack adaptive traits to survive and reproduce

Which substance is the most direct source of the energy that an animal cell uses for the synthesis of materials?
a) glucose
b) ATP
c) DNA
d) Starch

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