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Random Regents Questions.

Which statement best describes a population of organisms if cloning is the only method used to reproduce this population?
a) The population would be more likely to adapt to a changing environment.
b) There would be little chance for variation within the population.
c) The population would evolve rapidly.
d) The mutation rate in the population would be rapid.

One disadvantage of a genetic mutation in a human skin cell is that it
a) may result in the production of a defective protein
b) may alter the sequence of simple sugars in insulin molecules
c) can lead to a lower mutation rate in the offspring of the human
d) can alter the rate of all the metabolic processes in the human

The DNA of a human cell can be cut and rearranged by using
a) a scalpel
b) electrophoresis
c) hormones
d) enzymes

Much of the carbon dioxide produced by green plants is not excreted as a metabolic waste because it
a) can be used for photosynthesis
b) is too large to pass through cell membranes
c) is needed for cellular respiration
d) can be used for the synthesis of proteins

To determine evolutionary relationships between organisms, a comparison would most likely be made between all of the characteristics below except
a) sequences in their DNA molecules
b) number of their ATP molecules
c) methods of reproduction
d) structure of protein molecules present

Plants such as the Venus flytrap produce chemical compounds that break down insects into substances that are usable by the plant. The chemical compounds that break down the insects are most likely
a) fats
b) minerals
c) biological catalysts
d) complex carbohydrates

In December 2004, a tsunami (giant wave) destroyed many of the marine organisms along the coast of the Indian Ocean. What can be expected to happen to the ecosystem that was most severely hit by the tsunami?
a) The ecosystem will change until a new stable community is established.
b) Succession will continue in the ecosystem until one species of marine organism is established.
c) Ecological succession will no longer occur in this marine ecosystem.
d) The organisms in the ecosystem will become extinct.

One possible reason for the rise in the average air temperature at Earth’s surface is that
a) decomposers are being destroyed
b) deforestation has increased the levels of oxygen in the atmosphere
c) industrialization has increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the air
d) growing crops is depleting the ozone shield

Deforestation of areas considered to be rich sources of genetic material could limit future agricultural and medical advances due to
a) the improved quality of the atmosphere
b) the maintenance of dynamic equilibrium
c) an increase in the rate of evolutionary change
d) the loss of biodiversity

The size of a frog population in a pond remains fairly constant over a period of several years because of
a) decreasing competition
b) environmental carrying capacity
c) excessive dissolved oxygen
d) the depth of water

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