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Many Americans felt it was their god-given right to expand the nation. What is this known as?
a) Abolitionism
b) Manifest Destiny
c) Sectionalism
d) Impressment

Which statement below best represents the Trail of Tears?
a) The forced removal of indigenous people from the Southern Region of the U.S.
b) An organization that was determined to abolish slavery in the United States.
c) A compromise that allowed Missouri to be a slave state and Maine a Free state.
d) A war that saw the United States fight for independence from its colonial ruler.

Which of the following was an attempt to maintain an equal balance between free states and slave states?
a) The Treaty of Paris
b) The Great Compromise
c) The Declaration of Independence
d) The Missouri Compromise

Why was slavery important to the economy in the South before the Civil War?
a) There was a shortage of laborers, and the South needed as many workers as possible.
b) It was forbidden for white people to do work in the South.
c) The economy was mainly industrial and needed many people to work in factories.
d) The economy was mainly agricultural and needed many people to work in the fields.

A person who wanted to end slavery completely in the United States was called an
a) apprentice.
b) artisan
c) anarchist.
d) abolitionist.

Which invention led to an increase in the production of cotton and helped Southern farms become more productive?
a) vulcanized rubber
b) the steamboat
c) the McCormick reaper
d) the cotton gin

In 1854, Congress passed the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which allowed the territories of Kansas and Nebraska to decide on the legalization of slavery based on a popular vote. This decision was a victory for those who were in favor of states' rights. The Ka
a) the Missouri Compromise
b) the Monroe Doctrine
c) the Compromise of 1850
d) the Fugitive Slave Act

In the 1850s, the territory of Kansas became known as Bleeding Kansas after violence erupted between abolitionists and those who were pro-slavery. Why were people living in Kansas so divided on the issue of slavery?
a) Congress had forbidden slavery in Kansas, yet there were many people who wanted to change it to a slave territory.
b) Slavery was allowed in certain parts of Kansas but not in others, and people were still divided on the issue of slavery.
c) Pro-slavery and anti-slavery forces fought for control of the territory because it had not yet been decided if Kansas would b
d) Congress had decided to allow slavery in Kansas, yet there were many people who wanted to change it to a free territory.

How did Mexico react when the United States annexed Texas?
a) Mexico was not interested in what was going on in Texas.
b) Mexico was pleased to have the United States as its neighbor.
c) Mexico thought that the U.S had taken Mexican land since Mexico had not recognized Texas' independence.
d) Mexico felt that the United States should have paid a higher price to acquire Texas.

Which of these statements describes the idea of Manifest Destiny that was used in the 19th century?
a) The United States should invade Europe and take control of that continent.
b) The United States did not need to expand because it had enough land.
c) It was necessary for the United States to sell some of its land in order to raise money.
d) It was fate that the United States would continue to expand westward.

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