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Which group supported the new Constitution and believed the Articles of Confederation was not able to be repaired?
a) Anti-Federalists
b) Northern States
c) Southern States
d) Federalists

Which group believed that the Articles of Confederation was flawed but could be changed to be used as an effective form of government for the United States?
a) Federalists
b) Southern States
c) Anti-Federalists
d) Large States

The Northern and Southern states compromised that slaves would count as what fraction of a person when it came to determining the population and number of votes in Congress each state would receive?
a) 1/2
b) 2/3
c) 3/5
d) 3/4

Which of the following is not an accomplishment of the Articles of Confederation?
a) The Northwest Ordinance was created to divide land in the Northwest Territory
b) The negotiation of the Treaty of Paris
c) Created a unified government for the states
d) Successfully managed to shut down rebellion among colonists

Which amendment to the Constitution protects you from being forced to quarter troops in your home?
a) 3rd Amendment
b) 2nd Amendment
c) 1st Amendment
d) 6th Amendment

What event proved that the Articles of Confederation was ineffective?
a) Whiskey Rebellion
b) Revolutionary War
c) Shay's Rebellion
d) French and Indian War

Which of the following is NOT true about the Articles of Confederation?
a) It only lasted 10 years
b) It only had one branch of government
c) There was no President
d) The national government controlled the states

What is the system called that keeps each branch of government from becoming too powerful?
a) Federalism
b) Judicial Review
c) Checks and Balances
d) Evening

Which of the branches of government under the Constitution is responsible for making laws?
a) Judicial Branch
b) Legislative Branch
c) Executive Branch
d) Federalist Branch

What was the agreement made between the Northern and Southern States regarding the trading of slaves?
a) Slaves could be imported until 1807, and then imports would stop. They also made no mention of slavery in the Constitution
b) They ignored the issue completely
c) They outlawed slavery and slave trade immediately
d) They said you could export slaves but not import slaves

Which of the following best describes how the Southern states felt about including slaves in their population when it came to determining the number representatives they would have?
a) They thought slaves were property and should not be included
b) They believed slaves had the right to vote so they should be included
c) They felt slavery was necessary for their economy
d) They wanted slaves to be counted only so that they would be able to have more votes in Congress

What is the name for the first ten amendments to the Constitution?
a) The Articles of Confederation
b) The Ten Commandments
c) The Bill of Rights
d) The Preamble

Which of the following describes the BEST reason the Articles of Confederation created a weak national government?
a) Colonists did not want to be called the United States
b) Colonists feared a strong national government like they had when they were controlled by the British
c) The states were so different that it was difficult for them to work together
d) George Washington wanted it that way

Which of the following is not a power that the states had under the Articles of Confederation?
a) They could collect taxes
b) They could make laws
c) They could veto changes to the Articles
d) They could trade with other countries

Which group believed that the Constitution did not need a Bill of Rights?
a) Federalists
b) Anti-Federalists
c) Democrats
d) Southern States

What is the name for the first plan of government in the United States?
a) The Constitution
b) The Articles of Confederation
c) The Three Braches
d) The Declaration of Independence

Which of the following describes the Great Compromise?
a) There would be a bicameral (2 house) Legislature
b) Each state would get two votes in the Senate
c) Each state would a different number of votes based on their population in the House of Representatives
d) All answers are correct

The New Jersey Plan was a plan to decide how many representatives each state got in Congress, which of the following groups supported this plan?
a) Federalists
b) Anti-Federalists
c) Small States
d) Northern States

Which amendment in the Bill of Rights protects your right from unreasonable search and seizure?
a) 1st Amendment
b) 4th Amendment
c) 8th Amendment
d) 9th Amendment

The President, Vice President, and Cabinet are all a part of which branch of government under the Constitution?
a) Executive Branch
b) Judicial Branch
c) Leadership Branch
d) Legislative Branch

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