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How long did the Crusades last
a) 200 years
b) 150 years
c) 100 years
d) 50 years

What religions were fighting during the Crusades
a) Judaism and Islalm
b) Christians and Muslims
c) Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
d) Christianity and Islam

Who was the Islamic General during the 2nd and 3rd Crusade
a) Saladin
b) King Richard
c) Aladdin
d) Hannibal

What was promised to people who fought
a) Remission of sins
b) Entry into Heaven
c) Wealth
d) Both A and B

What was the goal of the Christians during the Crusades
a) To eliminate the Islamic religion
b) To spread Christianity
c) To recapture the Holy Land
d) None of the above

Why did knights go on Crusades
a) To practice fighting skills
b) To gain wealth
c) To escape Manor Life
d) Both A and B

Which was NOT a result of the Crusades
a) New Trade routes were opened
b) New ideas spread
c) Increase in standard of living
d) Jerusalem was under Christian Control

What does the word Crusade mean
a) The war of the cross
b) Holy war
c) Praise be to God
d) Fight for your religion

Who led the Christians in the third Crusade?
a) Saladin
b) King Henry
c) King Richard
d) King John

Although the Christians did not regain the Holy Land there were positive effects of the Crusades on Europe
a) True
b) False

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